Almost Vacation, Luckske (3D)


Title: Almost Vacation
Name: Luckske
Country: Belgium
Software: CINEMA 4D

A scene i made for the Dutch Cinema4D contest.
I used Maxon Cinema4D and Photoshop to add some birds.
I spend on this scene ± 4 weeks in sparetime.



man I cant belive I am the first one to comment on this! this is very very good how did you set up your lighting? can we get a wire? One crit the walls are to clean to uniform.


WOW! nice work! :thumbsup:


It’s very nice. No people because the sun has left the pool?

The pool would look much more inviting with some sun though…



This is a nice piece . . . it reminds me somewhat, in lighting and proportion, of sets Pixar has done. Maybe you could add some repaired patches to the stucco walls, and knock a few roof tiles slightly out of alignment to give it a touch more realism.

Still, good work.


tnx for the comments , i’m not used to model under pressure and in this case i had too :slight_smile:
i won the first price with my first competition (still can’t believe it) now i have a officiale c4d licence :scream: .
i know this scene its not perfect and could use a lot of perfectionism , but the time i made it (± 3 month’s ago) i only had 512 mb ram and an older videocard.
maybe i wil update it when i have some time left , i had a lot comment’s on that walls and know it could use some cracks in the walls so it would look a little bit more realistic.
i also would add some people in the scene but 4 weeks in sparetime (± 2 hours a day) is to short :).
i also made a BBQ but without people it would be stupid to add in the scene :wise: .

Greetz, Luckske


here’s the wire , it is a little mess but if you have a lot of objects its normal i think :slight_smile:

Greetz, Luckske


oops , i posted double topic :eek:


small crit but vital, your plants need variance.


I like lighting and water expression. good job!


as long we can understand it… so far i do :thumbsup:


cool scene…good light!
i like to see render with different light/sun source
one crit: the doors and windows seems out of the wall


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