Allow me to introduce myself...


Hey all,

I’m new to CGtalk, one of my lecturers suggesting these forums. I’m a student from Holmesglen Tafe Australian, and I study animation. (3D, 2D, stop-mo) and currently I’m working on a short film. I’m also curious, are there any girls on these forums? I’m one of three girls in my class, and I’ve hardly ever met any women in the industry. :slight_smile: I love hanging with the guys though.

I hope to get to know everyone alot better, and learn a thing or two whilst I’m at it. Who knows I may have knowledge to pass on to others! lol



Hello and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Yes indeed we have quite a lot of females here… including myself, and I am the manager here (and I work in the industry)! It’s always great to have more students here, as I think it’s a fantastic source of inspiration and resources for students who crave more than what they’re getting in class :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m from Australia also. How are you finding Holmesglen?


Hey! I’ve heard that course is quite good. How’s it holding up?







ahh homesglen tafe… ive heard good things?.. very selective from waht ive heard… any truth behind it? im looking at doing some courses there for animation (3d,2d)

anyhow, welcome & enjoy cgtalk,
ask questions and keep active…



Hi, I’m also new to these forums, well kinda, i’ve been lurking in the shadows… so i guess i’m a new face to people waves to everybody

anyways, i’m also from Australia and study animation at JMC Academy and i’m a girl :stuck_out_tongue:

How are you liking Holmsglen?



I just got back from work, so sorry about the delay. Holmesglen as far as I know are selective, they had two classes in the last year. (stage one) I’m in stage four at the moment. Its broken up into four semesters, three of them are pre-development and classes leading up to a final animation, which is stage four.

Its worth applying, they mainly specialise in 3D, but they do also teach traditional elements. Such as 2D animation, and stop mo. Also you have classes in marquette creation also which is handy. Its a highly intensive course, and demands alot of time and money. But well worth it.

I’ve applied for a few jobs locally and I’ve gotten responses, my tutors tell me to apply further. (sydney or brisbane) but financially I can’t move even if they did accept me. :slight_smile:

So the course has taught me heaps, I was trained as a traditional artist (mainly cartoonist) before the course so I didn’t know how to use 3D software. I have learnt Maya in the last year and I feel comfident in using it in industry standard situations. The good thing about a tafe course is it simulates a work enviroment better than a Uni does. (I’ve probably just insulted all the Uni people) :slight_smile: Unis are great, I just found that tafe worked for me. In the end of the day, its talent, skill, and if you can do the job, not what your piece of paper says.

I’m waffling, so I’ll go now…



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