Alley Environment


Hi there everyone!

I have been working on a new environment for my texture/environment artist reel, and would love some feedback. Here is what I have created so far:
Shot 01

Shot 02

Shot 03

Any feedback or tips you guys could tell me about in regards to what the industry is looking for when it comes to environments would be awesome too. I went to school with a focus on animation but have had no luck getting a job in that area so I decided to try environment art. I’m sure you guys will have some great gems to share, and I appreciate the help.

Thanks everyone!


lighting is weak but textuing is good


Thanks for the reply!

I was going for a grey, overcast day. Could you or others explain why the lighting is weak? Do I need more contrast or something like that? I was also thinking of making a night time scene, would that be better than a cloudy day?


I tried playing with the lighting a bit, what do you guys think about this version? There is more contrast this time and the lights in the alley are now on due to the darkness.

New shot 01

New shot 02

New shot 03


Yeah,the new shots are much better in light,try to add some old textures on objects should be good too.


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