Allegorithmic contest


There is a contest on Allegorithmic’s site and I’ve decided to enter it. The modeling has already been started using Silo. If you want to enter the forums are here: A Road Trip in 2116 .

Mine is labeled ‘Cabin Fever’. This is my first contest and I would be happy to just get honorable mention.


Some crazy models man, cant wait to see what comes next!



Hmmm…cool! Maybe I’ll have to hit up the in-laws for some babysitting time and I can enter this thing. I think I’ve entered one contest for AnimationMaster waaaaaay back in the day…and even way’er back than that I entered one for Caligari, using trueSpace2 IIRC (could have been tS3). So I may be a bit rusty with regards to contests and forced time-tables…but, hell, why not? Worse thing that could happen is the 3D community laughs at me, I get blacklisted as the worst modeler ever so I never get another 3D job, my family leaves me because of embarrassment, and I end up living alone with 33 cats in my parents basement. … … Yeah, sure I’ll enter. Totally worth the risk! :wink:


Paul L. Ming


Dude, if you have less than 35 cats after all that you should be embarrassed at yourself. Besides, what’s the risk? Wife? Kids? Don’t worry, they’ll make more!

Here is my entry. I have so much work to do I can’t imagine finishing this up in time.


It happened. I finished on time but just barely. Too many problems to list but the worst was Substance Painter just wouldn’t paint the entire vehicle model. After numerous crashes and losing 4 days trying to use it the model had to be broken up into three parts.

That left me with 3 days to learn Painter, apply materials, set up a scene, set up lighting and render out 5 images. In the end only 3 images were rendered.

Some valuable lessons learned were do not trust software, consolidate model parts whenever possible without compromising the design, and don’t sleep until it’s finished.

The end result was not nearly so nice as I would have liked. Problems with software lost me a full week of time for this project. Mostly I am just happy to have been able to finish it even if it was 15 minutes before the deadline!

Here’s my entry (in low quality):



Nice work! I totally forgot about it and now it’s over. Well, c’est la vie!

I have been waffling about picking up Substance Painter/Designer…but I don’t have to waffle now. Just got a call earlier today that my van’s engine had seized. Kaput. Dead. So…looks like I need a new vehicle. :frowning: I decided to hit up to see if I could get a quick job…but, as usual, we have $2000 jobs being bid on by so-called “professionals” from India, Pakistan, Singapore, for $150 with a time line of 2 days. Bull-poop! Looking into it more…holy-moly! The amount of rampant, blatant copyright infringement and fraud going on there is ridiculous! I quickly deleted my free membership and wrote them a harsh comment about why. (when you click on two random Indian freelancers, and see both of them using an image of someone else [image was by Francisco Bolanos, btw]), you know it’s bad!

Er…sorry for the derail. :slight_smile: I do have a question about Substance Painter… Did you figure out why it wasn’t painting on somethings? Like, you didn’t have something checked off, or didn’t have some layer setting, etc? Or was it one of those “Who the F knows why…” (like Silo tosses at me sometimes). Repeatable bugs we can work around…totally random ones? Not so much.

Right now I use a combo of Zbrush and UVUnwraperPro to do any texturing. Although I am trying to learn Modo’s…off an on anyway. SubPainter is really gaining a lot of ground lately!


Paul L. Ming


Most of the problems seem to be that it couldn’t handle the model and large number of materials. Eventually it had to be broken up into 3 separate models and textured separately.

I didn’t run into a problem where it didn’t pain a texture but I did run into a problem where the exported texture was blank for the diffuse map for no reason.

I like the image I created as a personal project but it will not win. My only goal at this point is to be a top 10 participant in order to receive a free license of Substance Painter. It also provides for a nice addition to my portfolio.

BTW, all the modeling was done in Silo except the tree, fence and the tarp over the car.



Ahhh. Got it.

Critique: I think the biggest thing I notice about your images is lack of DOF. Everything is in focus. In the 2nd pic, the front rim of the “rv” is just as clear as the mountains in the back, for example. The third pic has the same problem…the tree bark is just as “in focus” as the wood siding of the rv flying away. The only other thing I really noticed was a lot of “long/large” areas that are rather flat’ish (lack of DOF and…see below). Hmmm…I guess the best way to describe it would be “lack of nurnies and greebles”. Y’know, extraneous detail that doesn’t really serve any purpose other than to break up the surface of something.

You probably ran out of time for that last ‘nurnies’ part. I could see a couple of boxes, gas can’s, a net that has a whole bunch of crap in it (like a toolbox, extra tire, some random cans of oil, steering fluid, etc.). On the walls I could see some stuff nailed on. Maybe a couple boards for ‘support’, a “Home Sweet Home” sign, maybe a horseshoe over the door, a planter with some flowers kinda strapped to the side under the side window, sattilite dish on the top, some wires kinda just randomly haning down under everything here and there…that kind of thing.

Crossing fingers for you to get in top ten! :slight_smile: (Yeah, that was the main thing I was interested in if I had entered…Substance program(s)).


Paul L. Ming


I wanted to do the small things but there just wasn’t time. I had less than 7 hours to finish up the texture work, create 3 scenes (to make setting them up fast and easy), set up the lighting, generate the renders and do the post processing.


hehe…yeah, isn’t that always the case? As an artist, I’m never…EVER…satisfied with whatever I create. Doesn’t matter if I’m modeling, animating, putting together a plastic model kit, painting a Warhammer 40k mini, or writing my latest table-top RPG dungeon extravaganza. I ‘finish’, then, the next time I look at it, I think “Hey, ya’know what this needs…if I just added this…:wink:

Artists: Poor tortured souls are we, never to be satiated with the perfections of our minds, with but malformations of our anguished existence only to be birthed.


Artists: Poor tortured souls are we, never to be satiated with the perfections of our minds, with but malformations of our anguished existence only to be birthed.

Poignant poetry, pming.


:slight_smile: Thanks!

I have a quick question about Substance Painter. You can’t actually create any “substances”, can you? It’s my understanding that you can use images and whatnot to create alphas, diffuse textures, etc, and use that as a spray ‘nozzle’ or as an overall surface texture…but there isn’t any way to create procedural stuff (like ZBrushes Noisemaker) right? And does it have that “particle brush thing” where you can sort of spray on dirt, water/rust and it will go all physics based and accumulate in the cracks and valleys of the model?

I need to get a new (used) vehicle first, but Substance Designer/Painter package is something I’ve been eying for a while now…maybe I can sneak in some “extra financing” for my van when no ones looking. :wink:


Paul L. Ming