Allegorithmic Announces Substance Paint


Substance Paint is a new product that will complete the Substance 4 ecosystem. It is what we envision next gen texture painting to be.


How much time do you spend making your assets look real by adding wear and tear manually? What could be better than using real physics to replicate nature’s work in a fast and awesome way?

Painting textures should be simple. We want to give you the set of tools you actually need, in a clean, uncluttered UI.

In an ideal pipeline, nothing should ever be destructive. Every action, every stroke in Substance Painter can be modified afterward at any time.

Modern texturing is all about the different maps you have to create. Paint on all your channels at the same time, whatever these may be.

Modify your UVs whenever you feel like it, Substance Painter will reproject everything you’ve already painted automatically for you.

Tired of endless layer stacks? Have all your maps unified in one layer only and edit them all at once or separately.

No blind editing, paint directly on your fully shaded mesh to make sure every material definition fits perfectly.

Shared assets libraries, live update, deep painting and compositing integration… We believe Substance 4, with the combination of Painter and Designer, can become the all-in-one tool for texture artists.

Use Substance Designer to create parametric and procedural brushes and effects.

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This looks awesome. Question one scene has what seems to be rain … is that rain droplets over the aircraft.


Very interesting. Can’t wait to try this out.


Really beautiful implementation of procedural texturing. It’s even nicer that you can blend it with 2D painted textures that I think are converted to procedural paint. In looking at procedural texturing systems like what Pixar and BlueSky use I’ve always wondered whether there could/would ever be a UI for painting with procedurals that artists instead of just programmers could use and I can see this is a good start of something on that front.


Yes, you can run simulations such as rain, which can be used to produce realistic weathering effects. You can also use particles for more subtle and precise effects such as veins on a character or hair.




Wes, are there any videos that demo the 2d/3d paint workflow. The teaser video seems to be all particles or is that the only way to paint textures in substance painter?


so damn cool.


Really impressive. So excited to try this out!

I had a question too:
Is it possible to use animated weathering effects in your final renders or games?

In the example of the raindrops hitting the aircraft or the green moss/alien veins growing on the top of the aircraft - would it be possible to have these growing effects animate on over time?


Would be great if it handled ptex natively instead of running the UV maps through mudbox etc to convert them


They’re gearing their products towards game studios, so PTEX probably isn’t high on their list.


HI Michael,

We have prototypes of these kind of effects running in game, but that is tied to having PopcornFX particle system integrated along with the Substance in the game engine.




PTEX will be useful in a game engine one day. Nvidia’s been doing some demos of its use. But, its a while off. Look up 2011 Siggraph.
BTW , I started to get into Substance 3 and felt it was lacking just something… 4 has been solid and awesome. Look forward to using it and doing PBR materials.


Well, that looks like the final nail in Photoshop’s coffin for 3d work.

Can’t wait.


Please support UDIMS. you will get alot more interest from the VFX production market if you can support UDIMS.

for us at our studio without udims this tool is an unfortunate no go. but everyone wants it…


This painter is impressive.

We also use UDIM UV layout for almost all of our models.
I hope substance designer and painter will become useful for pre-rendering works.


I definitely agree. Thanks for the feedback and I’ll will be sure to pass this along to development.




New teaser video:





Here’s another Substance Painter Teaser. The reprojection is caluclated from the brush stroke and not from the previously projected texture. This way, you’ll never loss quality by doing a reprojection. You can also change the texture size either lower or higher and maintain the same quality as textures are recomputed.





Here is another video showcasing features and workflow for Substance Painter. This video focuses on multichannel painting, stencils, effect masks as well as ability to paint on single channel.


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