Allegiance Total Conversion


I’ve been wanting to Develop this one style of game for some time… a Space sim with a mixture of RTS and RPG… Then I found some source code that had been shared and again my interest was piqued.

Essentially a Total Conversion of the Shared Source of Allegiance to allow for a persistent world and adding RPG elements.

I would propose to update the graphics engine, perhaps even replacing it… Possibly replacing all code by some point.

I would just love to give Eve Online a run for it’s money. I’ld love to provide a web-based side to it as well… providing news etc…

I am primarily a 3d designer/web designer. Have been a programmer, developing database appplications and AI for several companies.

I have a Sourceforge project set up, though we wouldn’t necessarily have to use it. (

I have several models of progression that could be incorporated… (ie… completely open source… modify and create what is needed to make it happen… or… Initially use MS code… learn from it and learn the process… eventially replacing all code and modules with our own freeing ourselves from any MS licenses) whichever the team likes most. I just want to make a cool game.

We will need several programmers:

AI Programmer familar with Pathfinding, Flocking.
AI Programmer familiar with Social Networking and Behavior Modeling.
Network and Database Programmer familiar with MySQl and Security.
Engine Programmer comfortable with DirectX and OpenGL
Lead Programmer comfortable with as much of above as possible.

and a few artists, as I can’t do it all myself:

Web Designer
PHP Coder
Several 3d Modelers
Several 2d Artists for Textures and such.

Thanks for reading… please drop me a line if seriously interested.



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