Allan kardec - The coder of the Spiritism, Pasquale Giacobelli (3D)


Title: Allan kardec - The coder of the Spiritism
Name: Pasquale Giacobelli
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max

I decided to bring to conclusion this work of Allan Kardec began before the summer holidays. The subject was modeled using Zbrush, and rendered in 3dsmax … with Mentalray. The character in question is Allan Kardec, before I’d like to offer a small historical explanation of why the choice of that subject. Born in Lyon, France, in 1803 and disembodied in Paris on 31 March 1861. University Teacher Education, physiology, chemistry, astronomy, in about 1850, using various mediums (Serious) spread around the world, to question the spirits, he noted with scrupulous scientific rigor and ordered the data obtained by codifying in 4 main books (The book of mediums, the book of spirits and the gospel according to the spirits’ volume 1 and 2 ") information offered by the messengers of the spiritual worlds, (spirits higher education in charge of the human race the earth).


that`s really awesome man :beer:

i like texturing , especially the leather !


amazing & amazing every thing


hmmmmm any thing is good

good luck 4 ever :beer:


wow…nice work…


awesome work man! love it!


The texture on the leather is soo good. Really cool work!!!


Great scene, leather is damn good :slight_smile: cheers.


nice scene especially the leather!


nice model, I like the face!


Very nice . good lighting , texturing , shading and rendering …


nice mod and lighting !

best of luck



Cant believe to my eyes, so great!


cant believe to my eyes, so great.


Che texture incredibile di posti di lavoro sono luci lindas.As sono molto interessanti, davvero divertito.


My friend, its already mid Autumn. …Joking.

I love the leather shading. Face model & sahding is very good too.

My small critic will be the hair & mustache looks paste on.


[left]Great subject and good picture ! As much as i remember Kardek’s face, it looks quite like him.
I read the book of spirits some years ago, it really changed my vision of life.
Good job !



this is what’s really important! :thumbsup:


Impressive texturing, the leather is spectacular.


really nice shading… what I’m not keen on is the choices you’ve made in the clothing. The high collar and cravatte just do not mix with an almost modern looking worn out leather jacket. His jacket would have been from thin wool or if you wanted to go fancy perhaps with a velvet collar… now the bottom part of the image looks like somebody from the 70s and the top like somebody from the 19nth century - the discrepency is just too big of a clash IMO - even the shirt looks just like a modern suit shirt and not a period one… I believe the combination of textile could have worked but with slightly different surface textures…

anyway I do like the parts on their own, just the combination to me doesn’t quite come together. Looks like him though :slight_smile:


Veramente figo, bravo pale!