All-in-One Wheel ColorCorrect operator (like Fusion CC Op)


Anyones know someway to control Nuke ColorCorrect operator style Fusion, Shake or Combustion CC? Or a third party ColorCorrect operator for Nuke?

In other words, controlling Master, Shadows, Midtones and Highlights colors, all-in-one wheel, with pipes to adjust HSV or HSL.

I know that Nuke ColorCorrect operator is powerful and it give more accurated color adjustments, and also is possible open color wheel for each control, but for quickly color corrections I like all-in-one wheel color correct mode, and is more comfortable and direct for me.


You can check out the J_Ops plugins if you’re comfortable modifying your Nuke install. The alpha release is 6.0 and up only though.


Thanks alkali22

I was read this link, and I will test with Nuke6 demo, because I still with Nuke5.

However I see in the shootscreen of this plugin that not have specific control for Shadow/Mid/Highlights, at least I don’t see.

I suppose that masking the J_3Way with ranges operator how matte.


Well, “lift/gamma/gain” is sort of the compositor’s way of saying “shadows/midtones/highlights,” except you actually know what each one is doing. Using terminology like “shadows, midtones, and highlights” is totally subjective to the user/package (i.e. it has no math behind it).


Well, I was user Combustion for long old years; actually I use Fusion how main compositing package, and the CC tools between this both packages are very similar to use, and in the my particular migration to Fusion was very easy adaptation.

I trying use Nuke for some works, and the way of use Nuke CC tools have more difference for me or my habits.

Simply I feel more easy of use tinting method for color correction, and controlling master/shadows/mid/hightlighs for all rgb channels, or for red or green or blue independently at same time, in a one operator.

But well, only are different workflows to obtain the same result.

However the ColorCorrect Nuke operator have a Master/Shadows/Midtones/Highlights sections with gamma/gain control in each section.

Is confused for me, that you said about Lift/Gamma/Gain equal Shadow/Midtones/Highlings, because I understand that Lift/Gamma/Gain is a amount control and Shadow/Midtones/Highlings are ranges of that pixels are darks, that pixels are lights…


I too LOVE Fusion’s ColorCorrect node, and wish Nuke had at least one CC node that mimicked it.

Hmm… I wonder how hard it would be to write?


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