All I see is stickies


Is it just me or is the entire forum here not completely black?

None of the threads show.


adjust the time settings in the forum… there is a menue at the bottom… all threads are oder than a month…


It’s a shame about the Mudbox community. I still use mud and love it. The unwavering force that is zBrush and Autodesk’s lack of development seems to have destroyed it. :frowning:


Tried that. But all I can see is this thread and he Sticky section. Weird.

I set it all the way to beginning. Nothing happens. I try to refresh. Nothing. I leave and come back the setting has changed back to last month.


you have to click on show threads…


Got it. Thanks.


i agree… i really enjoy using mudbox, but to stay competitive it needs to be consistently updated and aggressive in it’s development