alksndr's sketchbook


Some callouts and another full shot. Everything modeled in Medium. Going to do some interiors next week and finally post some sketches up :slight_smile:


Loving these! How are you finding the 3D workflow in terms of speed?


For me its been slowish but it scales really really well, so if I need to do more than one image of an idea its much easier and faster. I’m spending a solid day just building assets but then the next 5 shots can just be moving the camera, I’m not worried about an overhead shot because I don’t need to find hi res photos of ruins in that perspective, I can reuse assets for multiple shots etc. But it is surely slower than just being a badass craig mullins who can paint this no problem you know? One thing I look forward to trying to sell is that while it may be slower in one off cases, the pipeline overall gains speed because there is no back and forth with modeling to translate the concept. Modeling just becomes cleanup and retopology which I think makes sense.


Wow!!! It’s great to see everything going on here. Especially like those pillar callouts! Fukn… BEAST!


Thanks so much Bruce!

Man its been too long since I last posted, here is an update on what I’ve been up to :smiley:

Going to be learning blender next, super excited! Also I updated my demo reel with some of my projects from a while ago that finally came out. This is mostly a VFX reel but I did get to do some concept design for a few of these


Whoa new site redesign! Well I’ve been hard at work at a new project, RoboCop fan redesign! Check it out at the gallery here-


Crazy stuff man… I’m so jealous!