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OK, I haven’t seen the movie, but this reeks of yet another “mind-boggling-CGI-extravaganza” with Complete Bullshit Plot.


I’m going to start with saying that I’m not especially familiar with the anime, so I hope i don’t sound like a complete idiot…
What in the hell is up with her eyes? Am I imagining that they take up way too much of her face? I really hope that her eyes are especially large IN UNIVERSE, and that whoever adapted this wasn’t just trying to be clever. I didn’t notice this on any of the other characters.
Having been an anime fan for 30+ years, I can’t imagine a serious fan trying to make traditional anime facial styling work in live action. It’s such a self-conscious decision to say “let’s adapt an anime and CG huge eyes onto the main character”, when that character’s eyes aren’t especially large but by way of an artifact of that visual style. Are we going to be expected to accept mouths on the sides of faces, floating eyebrows, gushing tears and all of the other tropes of anime?
I’ll admit I thought cel-shading in games was stupid at first. Artifacts of style exist because of the confines of a medium. I’ve never created an image that I wouldn’t have preferred look like a photo of a real thing, no matter how simply I chose to render it. It’s like when Nintendo put Mario alongside real people and we had to accept that he was not actually a caricature after all, that his current proportions weren’t simply long-inherited artifacts of his pixel-art origins. Still, most of us probably assumed that if we were in his world or if he came to ours, he’d look like a regular Italian plumber. Just as I’ve always assumed that the characters in an anime wouldn’t look like anime characters in real life.
Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to explore the tropes and artifacts from one media in another, if that is what you are really trying to do. I just think an anime-to-live-action adaptation shouldn’t need to wink at the audience with its ridiculously over-sized eye.