Alison K. Sanders - Circus Auditions - Trapeze Artists


So I’m offically tossing my hat into the ring! I am planning on doing a pair of trapeze artists. Here’s hoping I’m not shooting myself in the foot by choosing something that is inherently really complicated with lots of follow-through and moving ground. Anyways. I’ll put up thumbanils here in a bit. Good luck to everyone!

– Alison


oopps… So I’ve been doing alot of thinking & alot of planning for this contest. I’ve thumbnailed out about 5 ideas (none of which I really like or can seem to get inspired by) and have finally come to a decision. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get this done by the deadline if at all. There’s just a little too much else going on in my world right now. If you guys (moderators) can pull this thread when you get a chance I would appreciate it. Maybe I’ll be able to do the next one.

Best of Luck to all of you!

– Alison


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