Aligning questions?


Sorry for posting this in the wrong section. I got this same thing posted where it belongs. I tried looking for options to delete the post but unfortunately couldn’t. Isn’t there a way to delete a post that has been done by mistake?


I am trying to align models to the picture in the background.

My first approach to this was to create an image plane with the image on it and then work in the Front viewport to align the models. This way I had a tough time aligning the models. Below is the image on how that worked. This took some time as the model has to be squished or rotated to get it perfectly aligned.

The other way now I am thinking is to drop the image as an environment map and then work on aligning the models. This idea stuck into me after watching a tutorial.

Below is the image on that. Well I definitely feel a bit easy working this way.
The picture that is used here will be there in the final render as well.

I am just in a dilemma whether I will have to restart the project when I am at the midpoint, just because I chose the wrong path. Thought of seeking help before I move on.

Please advice.


something like thisshould help


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