Aligning fracture fragments to object's base


Hi there,

I’m following this C4D quick tip by Jonas Pilz

I have re-created the fracture and fields as in the tutorial. One thing I haven’t figured out though is how to keep the fractures aligned to the base of the cube.

This is how it looks right now:

How can I prevent the fractures to move from the bottom down?
Fracture & (89.5 KB)


Move the objects center to the bottom of the fracture - using the ‘L’ key.


You should also ensure that your effector is set to 0-100% rather than -100-100%


Thanks for your replies.

@Kaptain_Kubrick I’m not sure to understand, if this were a Cloner object I would get it, but with the fracture I’m confused: what objects center do I need to move?

@danielHinton the effector min-max is 0-100%


Turn on the position i the Plain Effector, and eyeball the value to compensate for the amount you have in the scale.
A Y value of 23.7 cm seems to align them


Thank you, @noseman

I tried the position for the Plain Effector when I was trying to figure it out and it seemed it almost worked.
With the value you suggested it definitely works, although I thought there would be a more streamlined approach as with the current solution every time I change the Y Scale value I need to re-adjust the Y Position value accordingly. I guess an Xpresso could do it.

Thanks for helping.