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Is there a mel wich allows to align multiple vertice on an other one? It’s so borring to select vertice, then put the pivot point on another one then scaling to zero to align them.

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erm, not sure if I understood you right…but do you mean the snap to point tool??

sorry if I’m wrong :wink:


Hum, no, check the image below. On the uper curve, I want to align all the yellow CV’s on the one where I put my Scale tool.

Up till now I select the point I want to align. I take the scale tool, I put the pivot point on the vertex where the selected one should be aligned, then I scale to 0 in one axe (here Z).

Now, I’m looking for a mel wich allow me to select multi vertice and align them to the last selected in a specific axe.


oh :wink:

I have a plugin thats called planarize which does what you want. But the problem is it only works with poly vertices :hmm:

Have you searched on highend3d ?


in an orthogonal view - select the vertices you want to align - hold the v key (activates Snap to Points) and move the vertices (just along one axis so select the axis you want to move them along - e.g. the y-axis) - the vertices will snap to the height of the vertice you hover with the mouse over

you have to turn of Retain Component Spacing in the tool settings


Thanks stunndman. :thumbsup:


here´s a script which saves the scaling time…



Thanks. But I can’t seem to see a direct link for the script on highend3d.


ops, look for “averagePosition.mel”


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