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hey guys I’m new to rigging and I cant seem to find this anywhere. I’ve tried searching this forum and googling but I think I just dont know how to phrase what I’m looking for.

I basically want to learn how to add a control that keeps my characters head aligned/facing forward after I rotate other parts of his body. This seems to be fairly standard on most of the rigs I’ve used in the past.

Thanks in advance


Usually in a case like this, you have a main control that allows you to move and rotate the entire character. So assuming that is the case for your rig, this is pretty simple. rather than parent constraining the head to the neck, point constrain the head to the neck, so it moves properly. Then, orient constrain the head to the main control, so the head gets no rotation from the neck.

It’s not a bad idea to orient constrain the head to the main control AND the neck, and then have a channel on the head control that will allow you to switch the head orientation (using SDK’s to drive the two weight values in the orient constraint).


Not a rigger so I’m sure others can provide better answers, but the simplest solution would probably be to look at a point constraint (or a parent constraint with only the translate axes checked in the options box – the behavior is slightly different). That will get the head to inherit translations but not rotations. Of course, it gets trickier if you want an option to switch between different parent spaces, and then if you want to match the positions without having the head jump around, but that’s some real rigger stuff that others may be able to help with :stuck_out_tongue:

[Edit: beaten to the punch by Dustin, and with a better explanation, too!]


Thanks for the quick response guys. going to give that a shot Dustin.
I just grabbed your RapidRig script. Totally awesome dude.


Thanks Joe!

It’s getting there, still adding more features to the advanced version as time and finances permit.


Just use an Aim-constraint so the head follows a look-at point :wink:


you should create different locators on the neck then constrain all this locator on a different way one just rotation one just point etc as many ads u want ( i just suggest one parent constraint and one point constraint , know you can select both the locator and make a parent constraint on the head bone ( or head control obviously group it and constraint the group) . Now if you select the constraint just made you will see that bot locators have influence 1 on the head bone , now with an easy saet driven key you can set one at value 0 and the other value 1 in this way just one locator will affect the head .
The easy way to set up that is create an attribute with two options Body and world when world is activated the point constrained locator will controll the head in this way you can move the body and keep the head oriented as u wish when body is up the parent constrained locator is working , i hope to have been clear with my explanation


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