Align card to 3d camera


I have a 3d tracked scene that i need to do some rig removal on. I have a painted clean frame and want to use a card node to integrate it with my scene. I am having a hard time getting the card aligned perfectly to my 3d camera, is there any (semi) automated way to get this card aligned to my plate?


I guess I can’t get any help here!


You need a tutorial for this and i’m not sure the Foundry has the right one
for free. Roughly when you have tracked the camera and add a scanline
render when you hit the camera tracker you see the autotracks. Rightclick
on the track(on the viewer) that is the best to stick your patch and create-card. This card can be connected to the scene and to project3d and project3d to a static camera and to your patch. I really can’t retrieve the right tutorial right
now. I have it from cmivfx but it seems it is not free anymore.
To see the tracks on your footage in the first place maybe you need to merge the scanlinerender over the footage.


Now in the viewer the patch follows the autotrack i created the Card1 from. I hope that helps more.


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