Align and Size a Plane() to EPoly Quads...


  fn worldPointToFFD p ffd pos = 
  	otm = p.objecttransform
  	mtm = (getModContextTM p ffd)*ffd.lattice_transform.value
  	bmin = getModContextBBoxMin p ffd
  	bmax = getModContextBBoxMax p ffd
  	v = (pos * (inverse otm) * mtm - bmin)/(bmax - bmin)
  	v.z = 0
  fn alignPlaneToQuad node:selection[1] face:undefined planeDimension:[1,1] = if iskindof node Editable_Poly do 
  	if face == undefined and node.selectedfaces.count > 0 do face = node.selectedfaces[1].index 
  	if face != undefined and (vv = polyop.getfaceverts node face).count == 4 do
  		v1 = polyop.getvert node vv[1]
  		v2 = polyop.getvert node vv[2]
  		v3 = polyop.getvert node vv[3]
  		v4 = polyop.getvert node vv[4]
  		front = normalize (v1-v2)
  		side = normalize (v2-v3)
  		up = polyop.getfacenormal node face
  		center = polyop.getfacecenter node face
  		tm = orthogonalize (matrix3 front side up center)
  		tm = pretranslate tm [0.5, 0.5, 0]
  		p = plane width:1 length:1 widthsegs:planeDimension.x lengthsegs:planeDimension.y transform:tm
  		ffd = FFDBox deformType:1 tension:25.0 continuity:0.0
  		setDimensions ffd [2,2,2]
  		animateall ffd
  		addmodifier p ffd
  		modpanel.setcurrentobject ffd
  		ffd.control_point_1 = ffd.control_point_5 = worldPointToFFD p ffd v3
  		ffd.control_point_2 = ffd.control_point_6 = worldPointToFFD p ffd v4
  		ffd.control_point_3 = ffd.control_point_7 = worldPointToFFD p ffd v2
  		ffd.control_point_4 = ffd.control_point_8 = worldPointToFFD p ffd v1
  delete objects
  b = box length:64 width:64 height:32
  addmodifier b (taper amount:-0.7)
  convertToPoly b
  --polyop.deletefaces b #{1..5}
  update b
  max modify mode
  for f in b.faces do alignPlaneToQuad node:b face:f.index planeDimension:[4,4]

all FFD operations have to be in Modify Panel. you can find a code in this forum how to disable the panel redraw.


Denis… you a true Master! Thank you for your expertise :slight_smile:

Now I have to absorb it.

Can you explain the function worldPointToFFD ? what is this line:

for k=1 to 3 where not (bit.isFinite v[k]) do v[k] = 0


This is when max prints 1.23456e-5 or 1.#INF. In this case bit.isFinite sets the value of the variable to 0.


i’ve changed this line. i set only v.z to ZERO. which only makes sense. bbox in Z axis is 0


but you have to understand that it’s really slow(!) algorithm. any moving FFD points is slow!


Wow… I wish I knew that a year ago. I have had problems detecting 1.#INF in a couple circumstances in the past.

That’s OK. That it works is all I care about and it’s up to the user to be mindful of not applying this to a 10,000 quad object :slight_smile: In my own use, it will generally only be processing a few dozen quads at a time at most… so it works just great!

Thank you again!

PS. When are you going to Program the Matrix interface (from the movie) where we can all just download knowledge!?!?


the thing becomes more complicated if we try to align to not flatten quad. the algorithm stops work in this case:

 delete objects
 b = box length:64 width:64 height:32
 addmodifier b (taper amount:-0.7)
 addmodifier b (bend angle:45)
 convertToPoly b
 --polyop.deletefaces b #{1..5}
 update b
 max modify mode
 pp = for f in b.faces collect alignPlaneToQuad node:b face:f.index planeDimension:[4,4]


Yes… this is definitely an issue … that is something for me to consider later as this helpful as is for the moment.


the old algorithm stops, but the new one works great. :slight_smile:
there are some hints:

do we really need to align the plane to the quad if we use FFD anyway?

if we nevertheless want to have the ‘aligned-like’ transform for our plane could we do it after the FFD applied?


here is a result of the new algorithm:


Are the FFD modified Planes still Planar in this? That would be spectacular! For what I needed this the planes must remain planar or they won’t be valid geometry for the game engine exporter. If so, I’d love to see the new algorithm!

BTW, I’ve updated the WW Credits to reflect your contribution with this specific script. I also shared mention of your excellence in the 1.869 entry into the changelog.

Your consistent and insightful help is always deeply appreciated Denis!


i want to give some time for anyone else to twist his brain… :wink:



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