ALIENWARE: The artists


Dear CGNetwork Artists,

With the cooperation of CGNetworks, artists were given the mission to create a 3D rendered image of an alien world that is uninhabited yet feels ‘alive’. Alienware received over 3800 entries for the Alienware CG Challenge! We were impressed by the professional and inspirational concepts that were created for this competition. Choosing a winner among these amazing concepts will be difficult.

While Alienware was developing the MJ-12 digital content creation workstation, our goal was to design a system that maximizes the capabilities of 3D animation and visual effects applications. This effort earned the MJ-12 certifications from Discreet and Softimage for its graphics and rendering capabilities. After looking at all of the launch options for this system, Alienware determined that the CGNetworks community was the perfect destination because of its connection to some of the best CG artists in the world.

The last three months have been exciting for both CGNetworks and Alienware, we have watched concept sketches evolve into breathtaking rendered finals. I would like to congratulate you all on the hard work that has been dedicated to this contest.

Thank you for making the Alienware CG Challenge a success. For more information regarding Alienware workstations, please visit

Wish you all the best,

Alberto Arias
Workstation Marketing


This challenge was awsome, thiers so much killer artwork, how about making a cg networks calander, with several images on each page, Id buy 10

Ive had loads of fun :thumbsup:


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I looked through all the final entries last night after the FTP closed at the end of the competition, and I’ve got to say that I am very happy with the final turnout!

There are some amazing entries, a lot of hard work and some very excited artists!

Voting will be opening shortly. Congratulations to everyone that participated, especially those that managed to finish :thumbsup:

This challenge has had one of the highest numbers of completed entries out of all the challenges that we have run on CGTalk.

Thanks to Alienware for providing such a generous and desirable incentive for finishing, and thanks to all the artists for making this such a great and inspiring experience.


hmm better solve the problems with the final image first - mentioned in the bug issue report thread.
([i] "Warning: opendir(/home/httpd/vhosts/…/web_users/challenge3): failed to open dir: Permission denied in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 298

You have not yet submitted a final image for judging!" [/i] )

anyways, nice challenge, I hope the error is only web-based…



I cant wait for the judging and to find out who will be our winners. Good luck to everyone.


yeah when do they announce the winner? who does the judging?

:wink: shimon


Well, good luck to all. I feel really bad that I didn’t get an entry in, but my scene got corrupted. Its not like it could have competed with anything here. :slight_smile:


bummer, have you tryed to import it into a fresh scene, sometimes this helps, also ive noticed lost of scene files get currupted when your settings for saving scenes are set to compression, always disable compression in any 3d package,

chrish :hmm:


Originally posted by chrish
[B]bummer, have you tryed to import it into a fresh scene, sometimes this helps, also ive noticed lost of scene files get currupted when your settings for saving scenes are set to compression, always disable compression in any 3d package,

chrish :hmm: [/B]

Yeah, I did, but it didn’t work. Thanks for the compression tip. :slight_smile:


Yes, there has been lots of very impressive work produced, i hope cgtalk will put together a nice little temporary site showcasing all the final entries!



I am glad you all liked the contest; It was something we were very excited about.

We get to empower an artist with a very powerful system. Another result of this contest is sure to be that a lot of other companies will be following our footsteps; this will bring a lot of exciting things to your community.

Alberto Arias


aw well. i was still working on my entry. i guess il try to finish it as jsut a fun peice. totally forgot the deadline :frowning:


It’s been a lot of fun - and as usual, highly educational.

My humble thanks to CGNetworks and AlienWare for organizing this gargantuan challenge!

coughnow gimme that friggin MJ-12 cough :wink:


It has been fun indeed, and very educational. I never made an image this size before (4000x5473) and I really pushed my CPU and graphics card limits to the max…“hint, hint” :wink:
I really liked working on something of my own, within a context.
Maybe I’ll use the idea for my students as well…


I can honestly say this has been educational for us as well. I am truly in awe of what has been produced by you guys and the camaraderie I have witnessed.
Regarding that MJ12, it will be delivered in due time, what a lucky one that person will be.


This was by far the greatest challange. Highly educational and it definatelly improved my skills in knowledge of renderman. This is also my first challange, so now I wont miss another one for sure.


I’m so sad i didn’t manage to finish it on time!!! For my first paticipation on a challenge like that i feel like crap… Only few sketches in three month!!! :rolleyes:

Anyway… I promiss that i’ll go through the end of it, even if it takes me a life time to finish it!!!

And next one i’ll complete the whole thing in time… About that… When is the next one? And what’s gonna be the subject??? Can’t wait!!! :drool:

Good luck to all of you who manage to finish all the steps in time… I’ve been following all of you guys and there’re some really amazing wip indeed, and absolutly nice final images… :applause: double :applause: I already got my favourites!!! Again good luck guys!!! See you for next one…



I agree with everyone. This has been the greatest turnout I have ever seen in any community, and I dont mean just on the WWW. So much work went into this, from everyone, the Alienware Corp., CgTalk, and of course, all the great artists. And just as this contest was ending, Cgtalk was awarded 1 million posts. What a great last few weeks.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me out, my girlfriend, my parents, my fellow cgtalkers, and of course the mods and the fine people at Alienware who came up with such an incredible event. Thank you to everyone, and best of luck.



It’s been a lot of fun, I’ve learnt heaps and made some new friends in the process. I think CG Challenge stands out as being a much better competition that others, becuase you can watch the works evolve and get feedback as you go. Many thanks to CG Network, and Alienware for making it possible.


I didn’t enter the contest, but I would like to congratulate all those who have entered. I have seen some truly amazing work here! Good luck to all of you!!!