Hi all, the Alienware Challenge will close at the end of 20 January and start judging immediately after. Please begin uploading your final entries. Read the instructions below very carefully!

1. Final entries
You need to upload the final image as a high resolution TIF file that has been zipped up. Instructions for uploading the file are found at:

You also need to enter the final image as a web resolution JPEG using the entries system here:

So just to clarify, two versions of the final image need to be uploaded:

  • Print resolution image as a TIF, zip this file (FTP)
  • Web resolution image (standard entries)

2. Milestones
Your entry will only be classified “complete” and go through to judging if you have uploaded all the required milestones. If you have not uploaded your milestones, do it immediately.

3. Judging
Judging will begin after the entries have been checked.

  • Only the final image will be judged
  • Only entries that have the full print resolution entry, and all the milestones will be judged

There will be three components to judging:

A. Juried Voting - The jury will consist of artists (not involved in the challenge) and some Alienware staff, who will only view the artworks and vote based on artistic merit.

B. CGTalk Voting - all complete entries will be placed online and we will invite the community to vote.

C. Community Interaction - a small amount of the final result will come from examining the artist’s interaction with the community during the challenge. Artists who have posted their Work in Progress in a timely manner and shared their techniques and ideas with the community will score well here.

All completed entries will be on display permanently at after the challenge has concluded. Only complete entries will be retained.

So fire up those renderers and get your work in!


Just to clarify:

  • You upload the JPEG through the web front-end as a normal milestone.

  • You have to be entered in the challenge before you can even view the upload information

  • You are given a fixed filename to upload… follow it exactly.

  • The requirements are pretty much the same as for EXPOSE’ and co… One uncompressed RGB TIFF alone in a ZIP. Don’t use folders. No other files in the ZIP. Be careful to follow the requirements exactly.

  • Voting isn’t available yet, we’ll let you know when it’s ready :slight_smile:


This is going to be exciting! I’m really looking forward to seeing all those entries :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to seeing the final images

oh Leigh, nice brief interview you gave 3D World


Wow cool, I’m waiting the next challenge to enter it :smiley:


Nevermind… my bad… I found the answer the third time I read through it… continue on. nothing to see here.


hmm it says here that it must be full print res - but in the info page it says “If you cannot reach the desired full-page resolution, just send in what you have”. clarifications? this is quite a problem bcos 2657 x 3636 can be quite steep for a lot of systems…


Originally posted by jaygee
hmm it says here that it must be full print res - but in the info page it says “If you cannot reach the desired full-page resolution, just send in what you have”. clarifications? this is quite a problem bcos 2657 x 3636 can be quite steep for a lot of systems…

Please send in as high a resolution as you can possibly handle. We will not be considering anything below 1500 (horizontal/vertical) pixels as this will only print 5 inches at 300dpi.

At any rate, we encourage everyone to get used to rendering at high resolutions as this is what the industry demands when you output for clients to print, HDTV, Film, etc.



alright thanx for clearing that up!


I’ve been recommending for an automated online renderfarm, these guys really go out of their way to get you sorted. I imagine a high res pix would only cost you a few buck. It’s not that expensive.


This should probably be posted in the FAQ section, but I think that this post is going 2 be read more often!

Must there be any writing on the final image?
A title, or the name of the artist, or do we just put on the signature we usually ‘stamp’ on our pieces?
Must they be left blank? Etc etc etc…

Let me just say thanks 2 CG talk for running an exceptional comp tho!



Will we be notified, upon sending our final zipped entry image, if the file is corrupted after it’s been recieved?

I’ve had it happen quite often that images that were compressed and sent over the net arrived here corrupted and unusable.
On the same note, what compression are we to use? Store, normal, or best compression?

I also take it that multimedia compression is to be disabled since it degrades the quality of the picture.

I know this belongs in the FAQ, but as was said “I think this is going to be read more often”:lightbulb

Thank you and have fun downloading several hundred megs of pictures guys :stuck_out_tongue:


So is the final image for print meant to be

2657 x 3636 at 300dpi


2657 x 3636 at 72dpi

Lightwave only outputs at 72dpi, there is no option for 300. It would be a massive file at those specs.

Can some please clarify.


The DPI doesn’t matter - you just need the pixel size to be around those specs. When you bring the images to print, then the DPI resolution matters, otherwise, it doesn’t really matter as long as you have the pixels there.



Like Leo says, the DPI doesn’t matter at all while you’re rendering from your 3D package.

If you want everything to be just right, make the edit depicted below on your final TIF in Photoshop (Menu Image/Image size).


Thanks Leo and James for clearing that up. Much appreciated.


Really looking forward to the results. A “quick” run through the entries (48 pages :surprised ) already made me :drool:, gonna be a hard job for the jury.

good luck all, too bad I couldn’t join in.


Tieme is up!!!, :cry:


Lets have another competition RIGHT after so I can join in, heheh.



I have posted all of my milestones but not step by step.Now i cann`t submit my final image.

What must i do ?