ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Yas Koyama


Yas Koyama has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


this is a quick sketch…should be pretty easy to model…hopefully can get some cool lighting to really add some dimension to the render. still needs someting extra.


I know pods are overused in “alien” themes…but I needed something to add light to the scene…couldn’t come up with anything else.


polygonal models…took approx 4hrs.
ready for UV mapping


this is the scene with the pods in place. still need a little more… maybe some cool looking particle clouds swirling through…we’ll see.


Hey There, very nice looking! what are you thinking about with textures? what type of light will come form the “pods”?


lighting test…added volume primitive.
texture still needs tweaking.


I’m thinking of adding a city in the background…to get a sense of scale.
maybe on the ceiling hanging or strung out between the columns.
any suggestions?


Very interesting, kind of different, and beautiful


added city…needs a little more atmospheric effect.


I like the last version very much. Very nice work.
Best luck.:thumbsup: :wavey:


Wow Very nice, I really like how you are lighting the room, Good job!!


Thanks you guys…I really appreciate it.
I’m still tweaking the image…changing focal length and camera angle for a more dramatic shot…Scaling up the city.
Running out of time.
I hope I can finish.


This is my finalized camera angle.
now i’m ready to composite and tighten up the render.


This is a shot of the diffused, spec, shadow and fog passes rolled into one.
Each will be tweaked individually for the final render.


Here’s the final image.
any crits or suggestions are welcome.
It’s been fun…and everyone has some incredible work.


Yes, you have chosen the best pick. This is certainly beautiful.
Best luck :bowdown: :wavey:

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