ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Tom Kerr


Tom Kerr has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


Just the first thought that came to mind so far. I kind of like the idea of these hovering organic towers withing a vast ocean. I will toy with this idea more, different towers and different landscapes.


NIce start…:slight_smile:


Thanks man!


Great Idea, have fun with it! :wink:



I think I want these towers to be connected somehow… perhaps an organic “version” of a wooden bridge; this sketch is vague as to what they are. I figured the connecting “bridges” might hint at the possibility of a civilization.

I also included a detail of how the sections may connect; this is somewhat organic. I think i might want them to be more structural, but we’ll see.


These are two details of how the “bridges” may connect to the towers. I also through in a quick sketch of another possibility for the towers themselves.


Here’s the same idea, with photoshop color.


One of the issues I’m considering right now is the “water”. I’m thinking its consitency should make it look like not-water. Perhaps more gelatinous, or perhaps a sea of shards of something. I’m not sure.

edit: I also think perhaps I may add many more of these towers, at different levels. Perhaps also in different levels of corrosion. I’d like to have a feeling this could be the home of a civilization of some kind.

EDIT: All brutal critisicm is most welcome!:stuck_out_tongue:



Good works Zbgump your last report is very impressive , j’ai hâte de voir la suite.


Still playing with the same idea. I’m thinking these are power generators of some kind; power is created by the “water” flowing into these holes/vortices.


Thanks alot Melco!

All comments and crit are most welcome!


Another variation. I change the composition and some other things. I have at least one more variation on these theme; perhaps more than one. I feel I’m gettin closer to something I like; I would really appreciate all comments and/or critique. Thanks alot!


hey!!!, that’s a good start dude!!! keep on…


Originally posted by future14
hey!!!, that’s a good start dude!!! keep on…

Thanks for the words of encouragement Fut! I appreciate it!


yeah great start, think your one of the phew that take the challenge guidelines more seriously despite all the beautifull sketches around :thumbsup: Maybe need just need another cool terrascape element next to the ‘pilars’

ps. thnx for giving so much support to all the folks here


Thanks for the input Asteroth. Your idea is encouraging as that was what I was thinking as well! Perhaps some roads or pathways, I don’t know yet.

I enjoy looking at everyone’s take on this challenge. I know how much trouble I often have with nailing a concept down, so I want to give as much input as I can. After all, once we finalize our idea we all have lots of work to do to bring these ideas to 3d life; Its important that we get off to a solid start.


I’m not abandoning the towers, but I want to get some others going so I don’t get tied to one idea this early on. I realize this drawing is a bit crowded and may be hard to make out; basically I’m thinking those “tree” forms are collecting from that stream of spheres. Could be eggs or some natural resource. They could be collecting for some civilization, or simply growing along the river to feed themselves.


I like the look of some kind of liquid crashing against the pillars in your first concepts. gives a nice scense of unstability.:thumbsup:


Originally posted by Powell
I like the look of some kind of liquid crashing against the pillars in your first concepts. gives a nice scense of unstability.:thumbsup:

Thanks Powell, I agree. I think in my next “towers” sketches I’ll try to get some more motion into them.