ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Ted Terranova


Ted Terranova has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


Here are some thumb sketches. It is going to be two large planes opposing each other. One blocking the light from the other. So the one will be warm while the other is cool and frozen. There will be breaks in the warm plane allowing parts of the other to get some light, creating small oasis across the surface. I would like to go with a horizontal aspect ratio, but it sounds like they want vertical, so they can use it in ads and such. If I can’t get a satisfactory vertical then to heck with it and I will do the horizontal. Should be more shortly.


Starting to test the lighting and scale. This shold show a little better than the sketches where this is going. I should be posting a more finished test later today. I’m really busy at work but I’m hoping that this will help me recharge and relax a little :rolleyes:


I think it’s really starting to take shape. I like working with a really simple model and no textures until I can get the composition and basic lighting going. Next I’ll hit the modelling milestone. Adding details to the closest floating block, vegetation growing and haning off of it, vegetation below on the gound.

I’m not sure if the image should be all natural or not. The roof is definiteley meant to be some type of construct meant to block light from the floor below (who knows why or when). But I was thinking that

A)the cables could be long vines and roots that have pulled some of the roof down to allow light in.

B)they are in fact cables anchored in large foundations, surrounded by a small settlement in each spot of light.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


This is just a quick concept of the detail that will make up the floating block. Alien plants, vines and stuff.


Started to model the vegetation and such. Next I’ll start some mapping and more lighting.

Wire: All roots are rederable splines. I may do the ground cover with a texture. I’ll do some tests and see how it looks.


this is looking nice now that some plants have been added. Get a good colour scheme happening… and other stuff, and this will look soo cool. good luck


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