ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Suzana Kilic



You see we live in a beautiful country. I was in Salt Lake city, when I was underway to Grand Canyon. I love the nature and weather in SLC much more than here: it’s just simply always hot.
Here you soon.


:thumbsup: Hi dear ESKA

How are you dear friend and how are you dear Bart?

The VOTING discussion is continuing.What`s your idea at all dear eska ?

Had you any contacts lwith moderators ast times?

Best luck to you :bounce:


Hi dear Saturn3

How are you man? You are right, I did have contact with the moderators. I will send you a private message about this. You will get the latest information. Don’t worry.
Here you soon.
Best Eska


:thumbsup: Thanks dear eska!

You are realy only just man here.Here isn`t any problem.My goal was only support you and other dear friends because of their followings.


I`m waiting for your message.

Thanks for your interests and best luck to you
Havn`t you any WIP ?


eska, you’re in San Diego? me too :slight_smile:

btw, if you have any info on when the voting’s going to start, I’d really appreciate you letting me know! I have no idae what’s going on right now.


your thread realy deserves having five stars.

keep going and best wished luck to you on voting.:wink:


Thanks Desinger2

Good luck to you too,
you deserve it.


I lke very much San Diego , I have family there,
better desires to all!! :scream: alienware


Beautiful town, a town for artists.
Good luck on Tuesday.


5 stars for a STAR!
Congratulations Eska.


Thanks claudio.
And have a great succeess with you work.
Best luck to you.


Tankies Eska! :applause: I like the weather here too, but I do miss the ocean and palm trees. (sigh). Take a peek at ‘Stone & Light’ on the evocative thread, and you’ll see my CG San Diego solarium. :slight_smile: Laters!


Excellent work!


Nice work eska !

you have my vote :wink:


MIRAGE recieved following awards and honors:

1 - Highend 3D - display in there
highly unknowledged

Highend 3D Gallery

2 - Digital Artworks Excellence award

3 - Digital Artworks Award




hi suzana

How are u? Hoping u are just fine … keep in touch
Any news from the votation?

Good Luck to u dear friend

During this break for the votation i made this images, pls let me know what do u think? :bounce:

The Return of the Princess


First of all I’m really sorry that I couldn’t visit your challenge sooner :rolleyes: . But finally I did it and I really respect what you have done. I have to note the great modelling in your scene. It is more than breathtaking. Also I really fancy the idea of a living planet and you have me as a fan for this. The idea is great and I wish you most of luck not only in the contest. :beer: Cheers!

P.S. Could you please let me know when you make some new of your dreams come true. Thank you in advance.


Thanks dear artist

No problem at all.
I am glad you visited this thread.


:thumbsup: HI DEAR SUZANA

HOW are u dear friend?

I was so busy and couldn`t come here.

What about your challenge ?


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