ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Suzana Kilic


Suzana Kilic has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


All three concepts show different spatial arrangements of major units and subunits of the background. I am still undecided of which concept to imply, or to use all three of them at the same time.






i guess 1st 1 would give u more dibth and wider choices of details
show mor soon … :wavey:


Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks. To you too.
As soon as possible I will give more details on the scene.


This is a world where semi-organic units suck the energy out of the ground.
Everything in this world relates to the ground, which on the other hand
acts like skin for parasites, even having the texture of some kind of skin.
Artificial again biotechnological suns are heavy enough to stay on the ground, whereas the rest of the objects (mini-towns) obey another kind of gravity, therefore being pushed upon the sky. My motto is to combine simplicity with complexity, organic with technology, near perspective with far perspective, heavy with light objects, which are flying towards the sky.


Here is my first model of some kind of parasites with textures and special shaders.


The ancient town is all what is left from the great civilization, ones being the main habitant of the planet. Where the civilization lived possibly under water by the SOFTNESS of persisting movement around us. But it is also possible that the world was always like it is now. One cannot be sure the the ground will not swallow everyone, who tries to cross it, by possibly being alive.
The suns and the ground are the main sources of mysterious energy, in its nature KINESTHETIC. Looking at the rising up creatures, over-lefts of a ancient civilization, one cannot know if they are alive, controlled by the many suns, or just by gravity. There function is clearly unknown.

My goal is to model as much as possible, in order to create a background ready to be animated.
I believe it is much easier for me to draw the objects or backgrounds, then to model and texture in 3d. Therefore, this time, I want to use Photoshop as LITTLE as possible, not even so much for the purpose of texturing or making necessary corrections on the image.


Hi Suzana,

this will be very powerful work, i still don’t know how this is going to be with 3d or what colors will it has but surely the concept is amazing, it looks dangerous and it looks also huge world, keep that up and show more of your work.
btw: nice parasites, looks like there are many of them covering something and eating it.


You got a fantastic world here growing, I look at it and can see a wide land filled with fantastic dynamic and most alive details all over, judged from that complex little model with the parasites, a fantastic work is promised to get grown here a huge potential in your work here!!!
Just makes me worried a bit if i see the massive work this is going to be in front of you, and the time that flys.
Keep it up girl, and thank you very very much for what you wrote into my thread, this is one of the most beautifull compliments I have eveR got for my work, can’t wait to turn that back on you when your world comes to life!:wip: MAKE ME GO WOW! Best luck and be inspired!!!


modeling of main objects and the background


more modeling = the ground


more more modeling = the base


Loveing it, as it seems, you really get out of the concept what i could see in it, beatifull shapes and very high detailed models, I’ll love to dreamwalkaround in your world for sure!
Keep it up suzana, this is gonna be awesome!Kee on rockin’!:buttrock:



I see U also travel alot !?



thanx on what youre saying bout my work, but yours is awsome, those models are great and i love your concept sketch too, keep on the good work :thumbsup:


you have a great modeling skills too, so it is not only sketching skills wich means we will face a new challenger a talented challenger who will put big rocks and holes on our way,
nice models you have there keep going and be inspired :thumbsup:


Mohammed:Hehe, I see that a lil different, A great tallent tat is motivating us to do our works better to grow over ourself!

Suszana: Love all your work, seen your website, you’re a fantastic highskilled artist. How’s the process goin’, any updates to see yet? can’t wait o see… :bounce: