ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Simeon Balabanov


Simeon Balabanov has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


Well. A bit late but you know - better late than never. My idea is to present a planet where the flora is dominating. “Flora” is just a word that I use. The scape will consist mostly of crystalline-like trees covering almost all of the land. There will be hardly any atmosphere, so black sky and bright stars will ocupy the sky. So… that’s all for now. More yet to come! :> Cheers!


Good luck with your entry!
It’s not much time left, so get rockin’ :buttrock::slight_smile:


So the tree here is made of box and later on I will apply a subdivision method to create more smooth look.


The same model but a wire look for more info and evaluation for you out there :>


So now here is more nicer picture. I got closer to what I was aiming!


Now again a wire look…


The reflection map is a noise with a certain threshold. It’s not that complex but I achieve the result I want :>


Now when the outer transparancy is done I can imagine a field full of these crystalline trees… well at least what I think crystal-tree should look like :stuck_out_tongue:


So only trees just make the landscape boring so let’s put some eyecandy. This will be the fruit of the trees.


Nothing to say…when the trees are transparant the fruit should be also.


Now there is only the sun as a light source an there is some kind of a contra-jur(excuse my french) and we can’t see anything much


So some light from behind and everything seems fine for me


Here you can see the picture itself with no FX and with all the light sources & texturing in it.


A bit of green gas or fire (gaseous metal) as you prefer in detail.


All the fruits with glowing green gas stars at the background and sun effects for the three suns. Yes three. Probably you notice the double sun at the left. I wanted to include astral objects which we cannot see in detail in our surrounding universe.


Sorry! There is no double sun/star at the left. Now here is the final image and the promised double star!


That was it I hope it was fun for you cause it surely was for me! :>


This background is realy beautiful.
Full of life andalso different.
Good luck:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :wavey:

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