ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Sady Moretto Ize


Sady Moretto Ize has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


Seen you a few times in here, finally you entered this. So… manero! Good luck, be inspired and make us go wow… let’s rock:buttrock:


A Walking City of the mech parasites. (I will explain this in other posts, really)


Cool Idea… I’ll be here to see your next steps, keep em coming!


My damned scanner is not workin’ so… I’ll post the sketches and explain everything later. 8P


Walking City in position, I think. Now, the terrain needs more modeling…


i like your concept i think you should increase the detail in the model more specificly along the legs. detail vs large surface areas will imply scale.


I really love that perspective! That’s all I can say atm. Good luck!


Looks great also love the prespective.


Look at’em textured balls… so cute! 8D

These are base textures only, maybe even temporary. O_o


Modeling is not finished yet (actually, not eve half-way). Just testing the mood and all that.


Quite simple. Just a plane with meshsmooth.


This is for the background.


Argh. I have little time now so I am going to the finish-as-soon-as-possible and add-up-detail-later-with-what-time-is-left strategy. 8x


VERY interesting, I am allmost afraid of the atmosphere.
I feel so small in your world. being so powerfull around me.


Main scene with light tracer.
Needs more details. 8x


Painting details…


looking great!!


Ugly, I know. Just ignore it and look at the 3D images. 8x


Basic idea.