ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Sacha Diener


This is the way how it came this creation. This is just for you. enjoy and believe in your dreams!!!

Cherrish a dream, so will I! :love:

Jan. 21. 2004


I imagine a very organic world, a Mushroom like Web like the Rainforest on many levels covering the whole surface of the alien planet, and all Lifeforms in there live together in Symbiosis, like the Musrooms carring out the eggs of the flying things.


Nice idea, you should really work in that direction!!
I like the world you’re about to create! Good luck!


Now I started to plan a few more detils of the elements like colors, proportians, lil things like citizens of it…
Basically, i realized, Every old hippie would himself being reminded to have been in this world before, if just he’d remember on what it was :bounce:
Nope, just to get back 2serious business of design, to create some fantasy stuff, I guess it starts with having an Idea of how it functions to be able to illustrate it in any way.
I spent a few minutes, on thinking about “how deos this world work” and why all things have that flou glow, being selfilluminated or whhatever, deal with light. I guess, the Athmosphere of this planet is so wet, it wont let trough too much light, so the Ambience is ruled by some “red smog-like Fog”. The closer u get, the more of blue and green get to be seen, and the living things share their light with each other as part of the food.
I also created “Cat-Slugs” some tree citizens. Lil bit clumsy, but even thougt the are fat and not very intelligent, they are very fast and live of the fluits into those many bubbles on that trees.
the next step will be to find a few good “perspectives of this world” to create a base for the main sketches.


Now that I have more precice Idea of the details, I started to work on the final sketch. Here are the pencils, and some photoshoprockin’ in front of me, so, let’s rock :buttrock: !!!


This is a realy nice sketch Angel, you have some nice shapes and forms. Composition looks great and i especially like those airborne things. My only gripe is the mushroom looking things, dont get me wrong im a big mushroom fan, but i think they detract form the originality of your image. I think some more original forms in their place would make the image a lot more appealing. Just my thoughts anyway, i can understand if you want em to stay.
Good work here keep it up, im looking forward to see more. :drool:


Great composition for great ideas, show us color version man i’m sure it well be completely different and extremely rocking:buttrock:
i think making those mushrooms unnatural and alienate it a bit will mix it up better with the image specially if they have some common things with the other elements in the scene

carry on,


Thanx Gobbledoc and Designer2. Mouseoverheating ahead, just Separated the layers and started adding some colors with the gradient tool.
The Brushtool is my my maintool, cuz it comes close to how I used work as an Airosoul painter back in the days :stuck_out_tongue:
I use multiply and screen to get the luminance, and color.
I started adding some basic colors to the foreground and started partitional with some lightnigng. 30% is done now, I have an Idea of the athmosphere of the image, now gotta work out the Structures, add details, and much much later, add some glow or fog or whatever.
Haven’t decieded what to do with my mushrooms yet… but I will deal with 'em today, … Keep rockin!



Not much 2 say, continued coloring, added some color, defined structures… and ya keep on it.
As the composition now gets clearer and clearer, I think one day left to get it defined and refined, and then gettin on to the real thing and max this world out… :wip:


wow! this is amazing, i love your work! keep working… and try tu use more “alien” things around because i feel that it looks too much like fantasy scene… but if u can deal with the materials i will be great!
good luck and keep working!


Thanx for the critiques, I will spend 1 more day over my photoshop and work out the texturestyles and finnish the lightning. Its hard to say where the limit of Fantasy ends and an alien world starts though, i guess, the light and sure the skydome are a very important a big part of the definition. Maybe Ill build in a few cybentic elements, to get more of the scifi-look.
Cheers guys!:beer:


Just in Progress, more to come soon. Good luck anyone and be inspired…


Pencils, thats how it started


Just found out how to submit a pic, unfortunately this is messing up my track now… :cry:
Whatever, just get back on the boards tomorrow, its late and my brain sais goodnight. format brain!


great work there…i can feel it… keep it up ! :thumbsup:


Great work… Really nice!!! :thumbsup:


Update with no living things (the alien tragedy: They’re dead Jim, let’s find out if we can smoke 'em)

Thanx Michaelyip and Franky Mo! Never the less…

… thinking about the terms and rules, and some of your thoughts, I created a new composition, mixed up with some cyber elements but i took care its still very organic in the look.
tell me your oppinion please, I worked it out this morning.:wip:


A few words to the new composition. Well, this ancient alien construction is a mystical place, noone has been here for centuries. its grown of/together with the fleshy strings that build the planetsurface. Suddenly, an energybeam comes straight out of the core goes trough the energygate and leaves to outer space where an energyball appears like an artificial sun… Noone can say what it was built for, but as we enter the scene this machinery just started working. and all stuctures light up with veins of light… it seems all getting alive like the desert after rain.

Working on the new composition, just done the layer separation. Starting now with the Textures, so stay tuned. :wip:


very cool stuff, natural ideas, the second sketch is very impressive too, i prefer the second sketch unless you are up to mix them in sort of stylish manner, the second one is freaky and very hard to handle with normal machine (PC)…

best luck,



Haha… I know its gonna bring my poor computer to the limits (like always), I have a vision, I see smoke… oh, it’s my CPU.

I plan to work kinda fall off style, the geomerty in the background will be lower poly the more distant from the cam it gets, whatever, I will see how complex my Meshes can get…
And if nothing helps, I still can reduce the details a lil bit.
No hurry no worry, Just let’s get it on and keep groovin all the way :wip: