ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Phillip Kim


Phillip Kim has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


Alienware Concept Sketch: Done in Adobe Photoshop7 with a Wacom Graphire Tablet.


Still trying to sort out the concept. As it stands, the alien world is a giant life form, a huge mass of internal organs sheathed in a semitransparent hide. The specific scene entails the ‘farming’ and ‘mining’ of the alien planet by a parasitic species.

Comments and crits are desired.


You have two pics posted, one in landscape and one in portrait format.
Portrait being the second, I guess you’ve already decided to go that way (the contest rules do not exclude landscape but advise portrait aspect ratio).
First pic tells more, and has more compositional elements, the second is trimmed from that, and loses a lot of interesting stuff.

As I see, one of the difficulties of the “theme” is the aspect of grandeur, an the fact that the scene should be some sort of environment. It is much easier to achive this with landscape ratio, but then again, maybe we should forget to think horizontally. :wink:

The second pic: well, it tells to little. If you want to stick with it, I suggest you extend the harvesting grid as long as you can (horizon). Also, using cosmic space is OK, but you will have to be careful with the position of the main elements, the “sun” should not be in the middle (or it should be in the middle exactly), and that planet is just to big. If you want it to remain tht way, you should tone it down, until it remains just a shadow. (Probably it is lit indirectly by the "sun"light reflected from your living planet.)

Anyway I think this is as good start as any, but it will need perfect composition, a very nice and unusual background, and a lot of detail for the main planet.

OK, I told you what I would do, but that means nothing, of course you are the artist, and there can be lots of ways to go further.

Good luck !


Thank you for the crit. It is much appreciated. It’s difficult to think of still images that create a sense of expansive spaces in the portrait format. I have too many ideas that i can’t get to fit in the portrait format (which was my first attempt) so i quickly roughed out the horizontal. I’m so preoccupied by the prospect of the prize that i’m not able to focus completely on the creation of the image.

Well thanks again for replying to my very first post ever!


Having had one good crit, I have seen anew and with fresh eyes. I have addressed some basic compositional elements shifting towards a dynamic diagonal setup and used the two background “planets” to offer a narrative of sorts. In keeping with the original idea, I am trying to get in all the data required to come to the same conclusion as I have about the scenario, which will be expounded upon as things develop beyond the concept sketch.

I intend on making the “mining” equipment to a scale that implies they are small possibly five story tall structures that are tearing open the planet’s skin and siphoning out the blood into silos. The equipment will be somewhere between Bauhaus minimalism and the exoskeleton of a beetle. OK, that doesn’t make much sense, but that’s the challenge, isn’t it?

My inspirations for the “planets” are in part the old whaling photos, the Grand Canyon and Europa (as in the moon of Jupiter.)

Crits and Comments welcome.


The colouring sorta reminds me of the end of FF:TSW, where the alien Ghia ‘grows’…

Its really nice man. I like the angle you have it at…for me it really depicts the motion of flying…not sure why tho. :applause:


thanks for the comment. although i didn’t care for FF:TSW much (other than from a nerdy technical aspect,) Craig Mullins’ work is totally amazing. His concept art and mattes were astounding. At least that’s who did some of it (I think.) Don’t know off the top of my head the other talent.

Pyke - totally dig your modelling for the contest! can’t wait to see your final comp. Your c&c’s are most appreciated. say hi to all the springboks for me! ( i’m guessing your from SA, if not, don’t mind that last sentence.) :wink:

thanks for taking the time!


We wont talk about the Springboks right now cough CrappyPerformaceAtTheWorldCup cough

In regards 2 FF, just browse there forums and find some the flame wars that have come about because of FF…interesting reading…

Thanks man-i really appreciate it tho!


This is my final concept, at least in regards to composition, colors, concept, etc. I’ve combined what I like best about the three concpets into this final one.

It will have “miners” placed around the perimeter of each hole and factories placed inside of each hole.


this is the miner concept. it’s an alien structure that serves the purpose of holding the planet’s hide back with it’s forearms and sucking out food into the built in silo. they will be placed along the perimeter of the square holes in the foreground’s planet.

also the blue color is not representational of what I have in mind for the final. Most likely will go towards a beetle like, opulant black. they silos will be clear.


this will be the factory that will be placed in the holes.

they will not be blue either, most likely black as well.

comments and crits welcome.


the structures are looking good man . How many types of structures are you planning to put in ypur world?


Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

I was thinking just these two types, but there would be over four miners on each side of each hole and one factory in the middle of each hole. I would probably vary the numbers of miners just so it doesn’t look too symmetrical, and the factories would be at different depths.

Not set on anything though. I’ll see what I can manage as I start the next phase.


Your concepts are great!

I really liked that factory structure. And that miner was neat :smiley:

It inspired me back to the drawing board for sure :hmm:


Everything is looking great! The diagonal perspective was a good solution. I guess your ready for modeling, can’t wait to see your next composition :thumbsup:



A very good sketches, it has a life inside it somewhere and somehow, that sketch is very attractive man specially the last one (the one of the space not the species), it realy move while it is a still picture -as Pyke said- waiting for you to add more specially 3d stuff…

good luck,

btw: having more than one planet for them will break the rules because alienware wants a world of aliens not Worlds,(Joke):smiley:


Wow this is a good concept! I like how you made it evolve. I’m curious, are you going to have evenly spaced aliens working the edges?? I’d like to suggest that you space them out in odd and various ways and clusters. I’d love to see something in 3d soon.



Hellsp4n: Thanks for the kind words - I’ve been checking out your progress, and it seems like you’ve got a lot of great ideas too! Don’t second guess yourself! :slight_smile:

Neospartan: Thanks! It was hard for a square like me to go so dynamic. I prefer tron like grids! “must… think… out… side… box!!! aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhh!!!”

Designer2: Thanks, I’m just moving on to the 3d phase. I’m new at this, so hopefully I’ll be able to carry out the ideas. as for breaking the rules - in the words of the enlightened Ms. Britney Spears, “oops, I did it again!” :wink: Oh, I also left-clicked, does that mean I’m disqualified now? (disclaimer: to the amazing people at alienware and cgtalk, my tongue is firmly entrenched in my cheek on that last statement so please don’t disqualify me!!! PLEASE!!! Snake!!!.. I mean, PLEASE!!!)

crazybread: Definitely going to randomize the spacing of things. if it’s all evenly spaced out, it looks too stiff and computeroid. thanks for keeping me in check!

to all, sorry about this rambling, i’m eating all the leftover halloween candy! hee hee hee sugar high! more on the way soon!


just starting to block out the factory model. it’s subdivision in xsi. this is just the very very basic lowpoly version just to get started. i’m new to 3d modelling, so it’s still non-intuitive how to make what i’m thinking.

comments and crits welcome.