ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Michael Wilson


Michael Wilson has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


Well, here we go. I kind of feel out of my league in this challenge, but I thought I’d give it a go.

I don’t know if this is something no one has ever seen before, but it’s the first idea that popped into my head after reading the discription.

I think I’m going to have to rework the design a little to fit a more portrait orientation.

I’ve got a blue / green color scheme in mind.


Adjusting layout for portrait. Working with some elements.


Hi, your idea is good but you may want to look at this thread.



Thanks for the heads up on that thread. But I think I’ll be OK. My ideas will be very different than what I saw there. Not as good, but different.:shrug:


Here is a color concept.


Beginning the Modeling.

I also plan on using a bit map texture for displacment.


More models.

Just the top part of this will be visible above the ground.


This is the ground plane. No textures have been applied yet. It’s all geometry.

I’m going for a very sharp, rocky surface.

The camera will be somewhere near the narrow end, very close to the ground.


Setting the scene up.


Doing some texture tests. Colors will change when lighting is applied.


More texturing.


Here are some more texture tests.

I would honestly appreciete some feed back on which planet texture you like best.



Hmmm, i would tone down the displacement on your main objects at the moment they look a bit messy, behind the mess i can see the potential for some nice shapes.
Subdivisions up and displace amount down i recon, i think your image has potential appart from this issue, keep it up. :thumbsup:
btw i think the planet on the left looks best, it has some nice planetary details.


The planets on the left and right are the best. The one on the right appears to have high altitude methane clouds, which is realistic.


Thanks for the input guys.

I’m a little wary about reducing the cragginess of the rocks. I want it to look as if you might cut yourself if you walked on them. And the lighting might reduce the messiness of them. Well see.

Ya, I like the the left and right planets tex as well. I think I’m leaning more to the right one.


Everything looks great so far! As far as the planets go, I too would agree that the left and right are the best two. It all depends on what feel you’re going for though. The left one looks like a planet teaming with life, whereas the right one looks more like nothing could survive there… both are equally as “alien” in my opinion though… I think I like the left one though, just because there’s just so much detail in it, and it just looks really impressive :slight_smile: of course, it’s all about getting the right mood for what you’re going for. Anyway, everything so far’s looking great, and thanks for posting so much of your stuff along the way!! Keep up the great work, and keep those posts coming! :slight_smile:


Good work so far, the left planet is very good…

waiting for more,


More texturing tests. No lighting has yet been applied.

Trying to see which planet would work better.


Starting to work out the lighting.