ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Lukiyanova Natalia


Lukiyanova Natalia has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


I had idea of such world. Now I create it in 3D.


These are the alive plants,living in alienworld


Final texturing


Sunrise in the alienworld


In general a good start. Your organic elements look very good, and also the material of them, your modeling and texturing skills are good. :cool:

-The rocks and environments could use a break up, either by geometry or with submaterials to make it more complex and less massive… the background falls appart, cuz its just one material either. For an idea, work some “mesh” of plants into a different color over the wall on the left, also break up the all over brown a bit. Otherwise, it will look very monotone. Cyan and Blue tones offer as they are shining much (Complementary colors) on a brown ground.
-Fix the horizon, as the proportions in your sketch had 2/3 of it visable sky, wich made your composition lighter, more filigrane. and i would set the black spikes more to the background and make them less high, because otherwise they break up the compositions flow.
-The saturnlike planet could be a bit more subtile. too dominant backgroundobjects destroy the feeling for the dimensions of distances.
Another way to set dimensions is to repeat a few of your rocks and organic elements towards the horizon, because the elements in your compositions look really good and why use just them once, turn them a bit, and place them, so you will have some beautifull flaura into your World.

Whatever, keep it on, you’re doing a great work, I’ll be back to see how this is workin’ out, and its really great to see a female artist in here!!!

Be inspired, and make us go wow! Let’s rock :buttrock:


:applause: Ochen’ prekrasniy!

Wow! Your entry is really looking great! Good luck!


This has some cool elements but the color palette is very muddy and unappealing and the foreground and background aren’t seperating well, which makes the whole thing look flat.


Thanks for yours comments. I shall try to take into account them in completion of a picture


Most welcome, Merry Xmas, and happy Hollydays! See you back here!


Test rendering


Thanks, Angel. :slight_smile: :bounce: Happy New Year!!! :bounce:


Thanks Salamandra !!! :thumbsup: Happy New Year to you too!!! :bounce:


Zhelayu udachi, Salamandra )) Smelee misli. Ne boysya eksperimentov )) Gamma xoroshaya. Good Luck!


Post Effects - fog and stars



Beautiful color choices and all around it.
Just a little bit more post effects, and that’s it.
Best and Good Luck:bounce: :thumbsup: :wavey:


Thanks, Angel. :slight_smile: I hope, holidays have passed perfectly :buttrock: :slight_smile:
Defonten, spasibo za commentarii. :slight_smile:


Thank for the comment, eska. I shall try to take into account in completion of a final image.


Final image


Very nice piece, Salamandra! :applause: I especially like the translucent creature-plant-thing in the upper right. :slight_smile: It reminds me of a Chinese dragon. Very cool! :bowdown: Anyway, good luck in the judging! :thumbsup: