ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Joshua Nitschke


Joshua Nitschke has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


Just some ideas for the landscape. As you can see, I can’t draw very well.


Toying with the idea of ancient statues.


More development on creature 1 for the statue.


Sorry about the ink bleed in the back. I don’t have a lot of paper so I’m using some from an art packet some one gave my family years and years ago.

I’m planning on starting the first model soon. I’m not done with concept, but I’m itching to start working in 3D


This is my start on the landscape for this scene.


After trying to model and texture my previous concept I decided it was not working, so here’s a new one. I’ve already changed a few stuff in it and added some, but I can’t draw well so this is probable the final sketch.


Beginning to model the “main” landscape. Much more to come. If you want I can upload the base shapes of the the cliffs before I added detail. Comments welcome.


Testing out some rain. Needs work but I think I have it pretty much how I want it. Final tweaks will come later. Due to large render times the waterfall was not rendered and will not be for a while. Comments welcome. I was unsure which mileston section this should be in but since it its a render test I guess this is where I’ll put it. Crits welcomed.


I’ve been modeling some more… (NO DUH) Anyway, this structure is part of the main focus in this scene, part of the story. I won’t reveal the story until the final image though. Crits welcome!


I textured this to look very old and rusty, I hope I achieved that. Some damage modeled in too. Crits welcome as always.


Just messing around with a texture for the clouds. I really like this. Crits welcome.


you are doing a great work man , keep going im agree with you , the sea with the rocks look better than the first one man .

:beer: waiting for updates


I made some vertebrae and tested to see how well they fit together. This is not going to be a structure. It’s just a simple test! Crits, as always, are welcomed!


Originally posted by adr
[B]you are doing a great work man , keep going im agree with you , the sea with the rocks look better than the first one man .

:beer: waiting for updates [/B]

Thanks for the encouragement dude, I was getting discouraged. :slight_smile:

Feel free to give criticism. :slight_smile:


A dead carnivourous plant.


Modeling one of the building for the city.


I changed the look to make it look more happy, at the request of a friend.


hi dude , we are here to have fun, learn from other guys and give some opinions , dont give up , keep going until the end :slight_smile:


Hi all!

Its been a while, and I’ve been working on the textures (I really suck at texturing) The models are at different places, but that’s only temporary. PLEASE let me no what you guys think. Crits are welcomed. I’m especially concerned about that waterfall…