ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Frederick Desimpel


Frederick Desimpel has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


ok, i’m in…

did some early sketches last night, just some quick b&w stuff to try some ideas. They might not be all that clear yet, it’s just for my own experiment, mind. I think i’l create a whole lot of such sketches before committing to one to work out further.

ok, the first one: hmm, not much to say about that one yet, but it works inspriring, maybe i’l use some elements of it.

another: this is more what i like it to be, organic, big recurring patterns. think fractals…


third, something different: Not sure what the scale of this would be, it could be just some texture of the ground, or a view on a horizon. compare to image 5 (third in this post)

from the former image i came up with this, not really related to the challenge, but i like it anyhow. maybe i’l do something with it as a side project. this also shows that scale is dificult to convey without any character.

then again, the former gave ideas to some crater like structure/ground. again, could be half the size of the planet, or something more citylike

that’s it for a first post, i hope to update often, but since we have three months i’l take it at ease. i just hope to come up with soemthing and finish it, my former challenge didn’t go along too well.


i like the 1st and the 5th most. You should combine those two and make a hybrid between them!


thanks for the quick reply…

well, if you look well you can see i did combining them a bit. look at the structure on the left of image 5. looks a lot like the one in img 1 eh? it was a bit subconcious but i could work on it more indeed.

i see that structure as something made out of flesh in a way. not sure about it though. i’l clarify in a next sketch.



This image has a special sense.!

I sm afraid it.
It has a special soul.

I think that you know what are you doing.
If my guess will be true,you want to show us a dream.

Very inspirational,

Do it faster please,
You have strong and dangerous ideas.



Too bad you haven’t finished on time, as judging by your sketch it would have been a really cool pic. It’s a very nice sketch though. Cheers mate


oh, nice to get some encouraging replies, even after the challenge has ended. i appreciate it.

i like to tell dreams, yeah, i guess you’ve put that very nice, saturen, thank you.

too bad i haven’t really worked on it anymore. there was plenty of time this time around, but i have this difficulty to stick with a project, maybe next time?

I did do something with that alien, though. it’s been a while since i worked on that too, but you can see what i did in this thread on 3Dbuzz


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