ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Dan Cosma


Dan Cosma has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


This is the concept of the alien world I have in my mind.
I’ll try to ilustrate better with 3D what I sketched there.

sorry for crappy sketch but I’m not good at 2D stuff :wink:


These are the foreground elements and just a low poly model of the cannyon like walls.
The models are pretty light, as geometry because I like to put more details later in the texturing level.
I work the cannyon walls details and I’ll post an update soon.


That’s pretty interesting. It seems the piece will rely heavily on atmosphere, don’t mess that up!


The modeling stage is finished here.
I’m pretty happy with the models so I leave them as they are.


Here are the texture on the objects but some of them are not that visible because they are procedural.


I’m not sure what should I upload here but I think an screenshot of the lights should be fine.The effect of the lights

will be seen in bext milestone …


straight from the render engine


Post effects and some color changes.


I think this is the last image before the final one … I’m thinking to modify a little bit the colors in post.


upss … I flipped the concept image … hope that wouldn’t be a big problem …


This is the final image ! :slight_smile:

I addeed more glow here and there and I changed the color thmeme.


I think this has great potential.Very nice work.
Best and good luck:thumbsup: :wavey:


Thanks eska :slight_smile:

too bad I didn’t have more time to spend on this piece…


From the best artist in th competition I am checking out there webpages, becasue I am looking for partners on a animation project. I would also love to know if you have a webpage.
Best luck!

I would be honored if you have time to visit also my thread

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :wavey:


I was pretty busy these days (exams) and I just saw your post…

I have only a temporary page until I’ll upload the final one…

I visited your thread :wink:


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