UNIVERSE WHITE 9- in small teaser sections
IN no particular order


UNIVERSE WHITE 9- in small teaser sections
IN no particular order


UNIVERSE WHITE 9- in small teaser sections
IN no particular order


UNIVERSE WHITE 9- in small teaser sections
IN no particular order


UNIVERSE WHITE 9- in small teaser sections
IN no particular order
ITS SUPPOSED TO have NANO only RECONTRUCTING/THE PLANET in fact space/time on the planet
-on my third post total on the net- i try my idea and maybe is a little strange for the peoples to see it from sci-fi universe ideas-yes?
any way i did what i could in the time i had…sweat sweat pant pant


final image FINALLY -oh cripes watta week
good luck EVERBODY! big file is 9742x6828
i learned now is best to start on a huge canvas. and render everything at 3000
every liitle piece of 3d stuff…


I have to say it, and not just pass by - beautiful, realy realy different. This is fine art.
Best luck to you:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :wavey:

I would be honored if you have time to visit also my thread


do i reply here to my own thread or do post private reply
to a comment .what the hek how the heck does this thread
thingy thread…


Yes you reply here man, because this thread is yours.:thumbsup:


I think if you stuck to a certain color scheme and had a little more “order” to the whole idea, it’d work. The mathematical-like forms are quite pretty, but it seems like they are just there to be there. Hope you are good with criticism, because I do see alot of room for improvement on your concept.

oh, and one last comment on the composition…with the exception of the border (avoid cropping and harsh borders) there is no “flow” to draw the eye to any direction.



i know what your saying it got out of hand…
i was working at like 3am and the vision of the vision of the…uhm…got lost…
i can see that now/that some of the smaller cropped stuff
looks better than the big overview…
i was looking to portray a really bombastic/dynamic very
alien- Ecology /not your normal everyday scene not something
you see but some Things of a diifferent evolutionary process.

i had no time to think what i was doing to i got in too late in the whole process…
i live and i learn/especiallly from this one project.
i still thinkits salvageable as a concept scenario …
i will work on it some more anyway.
and i am not el pro here joost trying out like all -everyone.
tis all hindsight now.
thankz for the inputz!

there should be a course - hindsight 101!:beer:



HEY if your viewing i am still looking for major crit
and leutenant crit too
welcome all …anyone? anything
it would help…

ill send you a happy face.



HEY if your viewing i am still looking for major crit
and leutenant crit too
welcome all …anyone? anything
it would help…

ill send you a happy face.


Crit creature reporting for duty, Sir!

It most certainly is THE most original final image in this challenge, no doubt about it!

Then again… the individual elements are great and well executed, but to be quite honest the final composition is, well, somewhat lacking.

Sure, I can read it like there’s a smaller separate scene in the center, and the other things are to be considered a 2D frame somehow - but it doesn’t quite work anyway (at least not for me).

You know - once I started thinking about my own entry in the beginning of november, I didn’t really have a concept, at least nothing useful, so I simply started building stuff that I thought could end up looking cool when grouped together in a scene…

But it just didn’t work. Edit - So I scrapped everything and started over from scratch on january 1. /edit

The final image has to work as a unity, one single flow, one overall idea encompassing everything… The individual objects, lights, textures and so on are mere details, like single ants in an ant hill - a bunch of cool ants that can’t work together will make one messed up ant hill…

That aside - you’ve got great skills in modeling, texturing and presentation, with a solid concept I’m sure you would kick major butt!


JamesMK crit
crit received 14:00 hours gmt duly noted
all good on the cg front!
have taken new intel into account
i actually at the last minute i picked up a book on perspective
of old painters…rafeal …leonardo.etc…more an "analysis
of the layout of perspective from my library and boy
did i just learn something new.
…but i had already pretty much finished the work so i guess the final image dosent have the
visual center and esthetics flow it should have…
i originall had the idea original to use the japanese garden
idea/incorporated. it is supposed to look a little stilted
…or have a/non natural - intelligentce behind its
layout but still look like an ecology in action…semi alive…
again an entire planet remake my nano.with nano logic/and uses…i am i hard/sci fi nut …
hard to explain, harder to defined and more difficult to
its hard to portray a story when there is no narrative or printed explanation …the work will have to stand as my posting i guess…uhmmm
thankssssssssss signing offffffffffffffffff.


Crit reception message intercepted.

Just keep thinking and analyzing like you did… It’s all in the mind, comes from the mind and finally enters someone elses mind.

It’ll be great!


Crit reply to reception message reply relayed and parsing…

mind to mind stuff eh …mmmh mmmmind mmmelding gravvvy
i dont want any of that mind to mind stuff going on
stop your scaring me…
gawd i feell so much lighter now that the thing is semi finished…
now i have some crit to work with
…is the most important part of this whole thing it seems to me now …i should really know this as we do this at work all the time crit- stuff buts its very professionan/casual- like in person and not related to cg stuff anyway…
i think its a little more personal when you think of your stuff
as arti-ish…
i usually at work…its more of a collaboration and team work
and on this i only got time to work on it by myself so i
didnt get some of the benifit of shaping like i see it needs
-oh hey anyone who views here i am looking at your links


Meta-crit bouncer receptors receiving intercepted interceptions and activating activators… uh… constipation… Logged and compiled without errors.

No, seriously, it’s more like one of those vulcan mind-melt thingies… What I meant to say from the start is that I do like the individual elements of your work here.

There is a huge difference between teamwork and this kind of solo flying I guess. I never was in a creative collaborative team of sorts, but I can understand how it is different in many aspects. I’m rather egocentric about my own projects, so I don’t know if I could ever be a team player - I’d much rather be the strange dude who sits in his own room (with the door constantly closed) making stuff and nobody seems to remember my first name… But I digress…

So, what kind of CG do you do when you’re not participating in CG Challenges?

EDIT - Oh, btw, I never go any happy face… You promised a happy face… a few posts above… :wink: /EDIT


constipation/p/delete ***.constipation
delete ***.mindmeld

i can see your points no problem ,i feel the same way
…the sub objects have more visual value in focus
it was difficult to do as i used a huge canvas area and lost
sight of the bigger picture…focus on one model for 3 or 4 hours and i get tunnel vision to the exetreme…
-as for working quietlly on a project by youself …thats when the work actually gets done for most people.dont bug me ii am on a roll/kinda thing…
benefit for team work is you get to have your say too
stand up and be counted…voice your opinion and sometimes
just sometimes see your ideas make a change and then someone comes up to you one day and says …hey guy that was a great idea…it also helps if yu like to debate a little…can make a valid point…and can shoot down your own “dog”
when it has rabies or a really bad case of the f*arts.

this over the computer/contest thing crit is a little impersonal
at first…
i as i dont see a face/dont know who im dealing with/dont know them at all other than by what they type so i treat it all
repectfully but with a sharp eye as to where its coming from.

again teamworks a great great equalizer…it can balance lopsided man or build a pyramid right…i
uh other art i have two…total two peices i posted somewhere
but i was working on two peices and my MB/ABIT capacitors leaked
so i no have computer for long long time…i waited till the prices dropped and got sumthin halfway decent …now im
back and working on new wieirdness.
i always liked sci-fi artists/book covers-i think this influences
me alot i…but i will do /do do strange stuff no doubt…

mmmmm gravvvvyyy mmmm aannnnd donuts!
ah! a whale …ah a ferrett! …oh, no thats a shoe.


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