ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Adam Fairhead


Adam Fairhead has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.


First solid concept sketch. Haven’t used colour yet as I’m undecided on materials - possibly the rocky structure will be metallic in appearance. Tops of peaks may meld from metallic to a crystalline material & inside peaks will be complex arrays, seemingly drawing energy from the source below (don’t have a clue what that’ll look like yet…). This is good fun!


pretty cool concept with the massive floating structures. and the crystalline plateaus is original. I also plan to do something with crystalline but i’m still working out my structures.

My suggestion to you is that you try to place the viewer. Where is this guy/gal who is seeing all this standing? or floating, or sitting or whatever?

In your case I would answer this by making a connecting structure (like the other ones that you have) that comes toward us and off screen below, so it looks like we are also standing possibly on one of those plateaus.

And I would also suggest extending those same “connecting segments” (or whatever you call them) off to the sides and back - so it looks like this structural system you’ve created here extends potentially infinitely.


And I would also suggest extending those same “connecting segments” (or whatever you call them) off to the sides and back - so it looks like this structural system you’ve created here extends potentially infinitely.

I agree with Quiz. I think a wide network of those rock formations is a good direction to go in.

I really dig your tight, analytical drawing style.


Thanks guys - excellent feedback.

I agree, I’m now working on another sketch which is concentrating on how the final scene will actually be set up - this first sketch is more a study of the structures themselves. I like the idea of bringing the structure right up to the camera, but I really want the end shot to look down into the peaks, so you can see the technology I’m planning to put inside them. I’ll try to tie the two ideas together.
If you look closely there is a rather small black blob on the low face of the peak in the far distance - that is meant to be a person, to give an idea of scale.



nice work so far…:wavey:


Another really quick greyscale concept along the same lines. Something’s bugging me with the ‘rockiness’ of it, just dosn’t feel strange enough for the brief… Sticking with the dishes containing the arrays though, just undecided on how to hold them together.


Still working on concepts, but thought I’d post one of the map designs I’ve done for the arrays that will be sitting in those dishes (they’ll all be different). They’ll be luminous & have structure coming up though them.


Forget my rules, your doing great! I put them there to help people think a little more even if they agree with them or not. But I most confess I like your concept very much.
About the ‘rockiness’ it doesn’t look bad, I suggest to combine the first 2 sketches into 1, making the first one the point of focus and the long extensions of the second coming out from it. If you want to change texture you can go with a more organic aproach, maybe make it look all alive like if it was a creature of some sort …just a fast idea.

Can’t wait to see next sketch! :thumbsup:


You got some mad imagery going on here, i also think that a combination of the two concepts would be impressive. Some of those long rocky formations would compliment the composition of the first image imo.


Another concept sketch, this time with a little colour. The idea is a fragmented sphere (perhaps an unformed planet?) made up of small masses of land, which I think will have quite a metallic, almost molten texture, and with each larger land mass having it’s own technological array, all seemingly drawing energy from the source at the core of the thing. I plan to hook up the arrays to the core using some sort of particle effect or something along those lines. The core could even be a collapsed star (black hole) & the arrays are a means of travelling through it into another dimension or something fancy like that… Time to start modelling.


Hey Boogey I really enjoyed your last concept about an unformed planet. I think its sick:buttrock: I’m really curious what you’re gonna do with the center of it. That white light is a good idea but roughly thinking abou it I’m not even sure how I would vissually put it down on paper. Anyways I’m just concerned how it would attach to the structure, or would it? Anyways wicked idea. Keep it up and good luck modelling it!



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