Aliens: How Burke takes his coffee (scene study in master BLOCKING)


Jim Cameron’s Aliens (1986) is a meticulously-assembled thrill ride, absolutely loaded with enriching details. My favourite of all of them is in the coffee scene.It’s early in the film, and Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) has returned to normal life after her horrific experiences in Alien. In this scene, the smiling corporate functionary Carter Burke (Paul Reiser) comes to ask for her help. With him is Lt. Gorman (William Hope) of the Colonial Marines. They try to persuade Ripley to return to the alien planet.There is so much going on in this scene. Watch it closely:


Very cool!


Still one of my favorite movies of all time (in my top 5 for sure). Cameron has never surpassed it, IMO. Sort of like how Tarantino has never surpassed Pulp Fiction–again, IMO.

In the past when I watched the movie (and I have seen it many times–I can’t even remember how many times), I always thought Burke was nice at first (although a little pushy because he seemed desperate), and only later when things started going to hell does he reveal his true colors. But I grew up with that movie (I was around 12~13 when it came out), so my early impressions probably lacked the kind of insight I would have if I had seen it for the first time as an adult.