Alien2 Model - another one!


Rockin’ Model Shoey! I’m looking forward to seeing more.



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keep doing this :thumbsup:

you did :cool: nothing much to add shoey, it’s spot on as far as i am concerned. nice & smooth all around.


shoey - I think you got it dude. You just sent me a PM about additional sketches for the head and I really don’t think you need them. What you need for the head is only a couple more of the tentacle things going down the back of his head. And they should get progressively shorter as they reach his collar.

I think I did about 6 pairs (keeping with the theme of threes). However if it looks better with more or less, that would be good with me.

Other than that I think we’re done with this guy. Ready for rigging and some texture work (if we can find a texture guy … but I think it’s going to be me).

Really nice work on this one. I’m impressed on how you managed to make him work. Good job :thumbsup:

Give me some ortho views so I can give the final OK on this one before it goes to rigging.


Thanks alot for your approval:thumbsup:

I still have some finishing touches to put to the head, like the tenticles and the teeth and tongue. Then i’ll have a go a texturing him myself if you like or i’ll just leave it to the pro’s. I can rig him too but i’m using max so that might be a problem.

Anyway, here’s the ortho, its quite big:hmm:

Cheers, Phil


hey everyone… i’m not sure about this, but looking at the mesh it seems very low on polycount in some areas, which might cause problems for rigging/animation. the shape is perfect in the stills, but we probably need some more detail for good deformations.

especially topology of the face needs some work in my opinion, the mouth that is. with the way you built it we won’t be able to model all the shapes we may need. right now you have poles right at the edges of the mouth… although none of this is visible in kirts sketches i’d still go for a humanoid topology there (loops around mouth being the most important aspect), or it might look a little unnatural later on.

all this is not as bad as it sounds of course… quite easily fixed.


is it just the head that you think is too low poly or the body as well?

I’ll change the topology of the head when i’m adding the other details, the head’s kinda still at WIP stage. It’ll be no probs to change it round to be more humanoid, the first version of the head i made was like that but i lost it on my old pc.:annoyed:

I’ll try and get him completly finished this weekend but i’m moving house so don’t know if i’ll have time.

Cheers for the comments, Phil.:thumbsup:


the first version of the head i made was like that but i lost it on my old pc.

i see… d’oh :rolleyes:

i don’t know about the body really. it does look like the sketch, but we may still get some problems with animation. most parts look fine, but esp. because we will have squash & stretch on the characters (as far as i know) some more edgeloops along the limbs might be useful to define the shape. 4 segments on the fingers also seem very low to me, again it looks nice on the stills but the deformations might not turn out right, with 4 segments you’ll always get this perfectly round look, and the area between two fingers looks too smooth. i would have gone for a minimum of 6… but lets here what the others have to say (mr modeling director ila?)


Hey guys, don’t worry i’ve not given up on this guy!

It turned out that moving house was a hell of alot more trouble than expected and as a consequence i haven’t been able to progress with the alien any further. My pc is still packed away in a box at the mo so whatever work i get done will have to be done in the office.

I’m going to get on with finishing his head ASAP and hand over the model for completion.

Watch this space:thumbsup:


ok, this is all i’ve had time for lately, just a quick rigging test but its pretty pointless cos its done in max. if people think its finished then i’ll hand over the file for people to rig etc. in maya as i don’t have it.


Heya Phil!
Awsome dude! :thumbsup:
I really like the model - it catches the feel the original scetch perfect!

So - keep em comming - Love your work.

(I need to model some toony stuff soon again, totally wastet myself on that human head thing :shrug: )


That’s GR8, Kirt, confirm, please. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot shoey, you weldone.


:thumbsup: Definately!

Start rigging this one, I like it a lot. Great work shoey.



thanks alot guys:thumbsup:

i keep meaning to try and texture him but i don’t know whether the maps would convert over to maya as i’ve never tried it.

also, with regards to morph targets etc. will that all be done in maya too? i would’ve used morpher in max but would it be best for someone else to just make them in maya?

Let me know who to give the file to and what format you need it, then i’ll just email it over to one of you guys.

Cheers, Phil :slight_smile:


Texture: we have not anyone for that, yet! all textures might (ought to, should, must, have to?) be made by one person.
Morph targets: If you can do them, do them! if can’t or don’t want do, leave it to the others.

Files go to me first, and 3dsmax format is very okay. :slight_smile: send it to me, please. I’ll check and let you know if is there anything missed or whatever.

Thanx again


Ila, i’ve sent you and kirt a link to a zip file with the alien in. Hope everything is ok with it.

Cheers, Phil:thumbsup:


Thanx a lot Phil, I’ve got it and now I’m going to check it out, will let you know then.



Just remembered i forgot to put in the teeth and tongue, sorry:blush:

If you need me to make them let me know, otherewise feel free to add them in ila.

Cheers, Phil.


The other thing is, i’m not great at rigging but would like to have a go at animating him so would someone be kind enough to make a rig for him in 3dsmax or is it all done in maya, if so i’ll have a go at rigging him myself so that i can have a play.

Cheers, Phil


Once it is rigged in Maya it can be FBX’ed back to Max, don’t know how well it will translate back tho…



To Phil:
Sure, I’ll take care of his innards! :smiley:

To Kenn:
Sure, It exports all bone and link systems, except IKs and expressions. One have to re-set the IK systems in the other package.

I myself prefer to animate in max rather than Maya!