Alien2 Model - another one!


Update: Latest Image!!!


Good work,
My advice is to keep the poly count low and not subdivide since it will be in Sub-D’s in Maya.



Cheers Cougar,

The meshsmooth is just for rendering. If the model gats used i’ll pass it on without any smoothing.

Here’s a little update from last night, just a bit of work on the hands. I’ll try to put more work into it tonight.

image removed



Just a small update during lunch.

image removed

Hope it looks like its going the right way:thumbsup:


Ok, its home time. Tweaked alot of the geometry around the hands and arms, doesn’t look like much but its alot more tidy.

image removed

Crits would be cool, and i’ll try and stick the head on next week when i can get home and get it.

Cheers, Phil:thumbsup:


i like his fat little hands
keep it up man!


agreed, the hands look very very good :thumbsup:

the body still needs some work obviously, waiting for the next steps… promising :beer:


Thanks for the comments guys:thumbsup:

Sorry there’s been a lack of updates, i’ve been on holiday but will crack on with the model next week. Just lettin you know that i’m still workin on it:wip:



havin three weeks off really gets me out of the swing of things. Just been trying to tweak the legs, taking me a while to get back into it.

image removed

Should be plenty of updates this week as i’m back at work all week.:wip:



started making changes to the model for the new concept. Took a hell of a lot longer than i thought and i ended up deleting quite alot and starting again. Anyway, here’s what’s finished so far. Let me know what you think guys:thumbsup:

Cheers, Shoey.


wow big step shoey. keep doing this :thumbsup:


Yes, yes YES!! He’s looking perfect so far shoey :thumbsup:

Keep going with him and I think we’ll finally have a working model of alien number 2. Excellent work.


Thanks alot guys, its good to know i’m heading in the right direction with this guy. :thumbsup:

I tried to get his legs done last night but had 2 problems: 1. I suck at making feet and 2. It was really late and I wanted to go to sleep:D

Here’s the update, the feet suck so i’ll change them when i’ve got time, really want to start on the head soon though.

Any suggestions for the legs and feet would be great:)

Cheers, Phil


Kirt, if you have any more views to work from for the head and feet they’d help alot, i’m kinda just winging it at the mo and hoping that it looks ok.

Cheers, Phil.

(slightly updated the image in last post)


thought i’d kick in and comment a little.


The arm from the shoulder looks slimmer than on your picture.
Also, his fingers and thumb needs a little work. Or else it looks really nice :slight_smile:


Really nice work shoey. You got a whole lot more of a toony character than I did. Model is coming along great.


very nice cartoonish shapes, so far he look almost perfect to me.
the feets looks pretty good already even though you said you ain’t satisfied with them. just a little tweak and make them a little less high on the y-axis. I think this character would look better with a little ‘flatter’ feets, for weight. (just a little, well… consider this as a nitpick… :wink: )

looking forward to see more of this, good job so far shoey. you’ve definitely captured his soul already :thumbsup:


Thanks alot for the kind words guys:thumbsup: I’ll try to take on board the suggestions you’ve made.

Had a really busy weekend so no update yet, but rest assured i’ll get some more work done on his head tonight. For now i’ve just slightly changed the feet and made a render of the back for kirt to look at.

Any more ideas on how to better the model are very welcome.

Cheers, Phil.


the body’s overall shape looks good, maybe legs ought to be closer to the center.
Head is still wip, so no comment on that area, yet.
Good work Shoey, Keep it up man.


Thanks Ila, i’ve tried your suggestion about the legs and made a quick update on the head, still quite a lot of work left but deadlines at work are looming.

I seem to be struggling with the head, i think i need a few hours of solid work on it to make it look better.

Comment and suggestions welcome as usual.

Cheers, shoey.