Alien (Xenomorph), Pär Tingström (3D)


Thanks everyone for the nice and honest comments!

About the crits, I edited my post as soon as it showed up an then included what I was inspired of an so forth, but the “new” edit function takes forever so people started posting before it showed up. I also asked for CC so it’s very welcome, I want the final image to be perfect.

I did realize that people would have opinions since I redesigned it a bit, this creature is close to heart for a lot of people :slight_smile:

I will definitely take another look at the legs and head.

Thanks again



WOW ! great modeling…:thumbsup:


5 stars from me! Lighting and modeling are great.


Beautiful lightning, and great modeling Il Cattivo!!, How was your base model before mudbox’s work,and can we see wires and some mudbox pics.


Amazing ! :eek:

Here’s a bag of stars for you !


Very nice Model indeed! How many Polys does it have, and how long did the render take?


awesome! congrats on finishing it :thumbsup:


Nice one mate! Thats impressive modeling there. Nice to see an ZB piece based on something familiar too! Well Done.


wow! AWESOME , alien is always an awesome topic to do. looking forward to seeing the latest Alien vs predator movie and you short of course :smiley:



Alex Oliver


what a great job… i like the redesign, the legs too…

it would be nice if you say something about your workflow mudbox <-> mentalray… i always have a hard time to make the displace work right, what shader are you using?


Well done model…


great alien model, beatiful lighting, and since i first saw your art, like “monkey…” it reminded me a scene in alien resurrection. keep it up!


Wow! :slight_smile:
This is strange, these days I see either Aliens or Predators everywhere!
Personally, i don’t like the version from part 4 just because of the leg shape. The Alien design from the first and 3rd movie are the coolest imo.
That doesn’t mean, that you didn’t do a great job of course. It turned out magnificent!
I need to agree that the head is a tad to narrow and the jaw too big, but hey, you did a unique personal interpretation of the design which is great! :smiley:


Really impressive! Love the alien series and your version does it justice. Not too happy with the back of the creature’s head, but that’s just my opinion. Great job nonetheless!

Are you planning on adding a Predator?


Very nice.

No zbrush involved? Great job :smiley:


Not my favorite style of the xenos, but excellent job none the less. I always felt the ressurection type aliens were to ‘meaty’


congrats on the finished piece. looking forward to see the whole scene.



Giger is one of my top of the list favourites ! :smiley:

What a great job you did here sir…

About Zbrush… didn’t used it ?

I’m totally curious now to see the big scene you planned for this sweetie… oh my… good luck on it ! It’s going to be another FP and a full page Exposé for sure, so keep it up !

Best wishes,


WOW! amazing aline, was looking at the large pic and the amount of detail is awsome, was wondering the route you took to get it from base to the final sculp and is the model unwrapped and textured or is that a SSS shader with no unwrapping?

Awsome work, cant wait to see the finished scene