Alien (Xenomorph), Pär Tingström (3D)


it looks awesome, but I think it would look more imposing if the jaw part was smaller.


Woooow amazing !!! 5 stars from me!
i realy love it!


awsome, truly awsome. thanks for the breakdown of your workflow and rendering.


this is amazing…5*!!! and congrates for a frontpage plug!!!..and thanxs again for the tips about how u used the subd and the normal map from different levels…good info…!!!


Best Alien recreation I’ve seen so far. Who cares if it’s not exactly like the original design when it looks great as it is. Can’t wait to see it move, especially if you’ll be using the same or similar material base.


WoW! Amazing detail… great pose… very Alien-like! I love it!


This is amazing,supreb,excelent… I cant find words to descrbe it… 5 starts from me.


my god! What a great model! You completely deserve 5*. Congratulations buddy keep going!


man this is something special! I really love everything about this work! now I wanna see all the movies again!!

great work


Wow!! Awsome work done here. I like the mix between Alien Resurrection and AVP Warrior you made here. Ok, to honest I´m stuck to the original Giger design. But the later designs have some advantages too. Please go on and show more pix as you proceed.


‘Oh no!! It’s not exactly like the origional design of Alien.’


Great model.


[b]Well done

this image reminds me a lot of <good and scary moments> ^^ Body’s proportions are nicely drawn. Keep it up till the final scene. Lucka till !!! :applause:


fantastic. :thumbsup:


absolutely georgous! Looks just like a real sculpture, A little bit of artistic licence here and there i see but all that just makes it that extra nice, almost looks better than the AVP aliens!


Awesome model! … nothin much else to say but 5 stars from me.


Very good modeling and lighting, amazing work dude! 5 stars!:thumbsup:


that is pretty awesome man. you inspired me, sick work! 5 stars



Good piece of work again, lighting’s amazing, I was just wondering if you could post the alien’s mesh too in order to have a better look of the creature, especially the whole head which make me wonder a few question about it.
Cheers buddy!)


Yet again, another great work gets past me. I think your model is excellent from many points of view. I think the texturing and shading do good justice to the model. What i cant understand is why you didnt get an award. For sure this is top notch stuff.


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