Alien (Xenomorph), Pär Tingström (3D)


Title: Alien (Xenomorph)
Name: Pär Tingström
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

I’m planning a big scene with this sweetie so I decided to do a pitstop render and show one of the characters in case I never finish the entire scene. The final scene is going to be a battle between Aliens and …

The Alien is mainly based on the concepts from Alien 4 and AvP with some of mine own ideas. But basically I owe the design to H.R Giger I guess.

I used Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop an Mental ray.

CC welcome



Very nice…detail and renders are awesome!!


Bravooo! :thumbsup:


Very nice modeling!


i gave it 5 stars:)


Great work man! :thumbsup:


The legs are the wrong shape and so are the hips, the head is also too narrow at the back and the jaw sinews didn’t have hole in them they were just transparent in places.

Oh and I think you mean sweetie :slight_smile:


Sweet sweetie. Looks great. Maybe the legs are a little bit too thin.
But details are impresive. I also like the this metalic shader and lightning.
I’ve started to model such one a year ago, but left it to further finish.
Hope I will find some time to work on it.
Five stars!!!


I fill restyling in here… I don`t think its good idea to 90 degres tail angle and jaw style… but anyway Its Cool :thumbsup:


Very cool, is this a redesign of the alien? Just asking because I’m a BIG fan of the original trilogy and they had 6 fingers if I remember right. The head seems a lil smaller to. Besides the back of the head and the fingers you still made great model and lit it well also, keep up the great work.


great!very nice model!


Definately CG Choice 3d still material.


great… I love Alien… :thumbsup:


5* congratulation


Very nice model, I like the changes you made to make it look even less like a man in a suit. The alien looks really lean and fast with those legs, and stronger arms.


This loooks beautiful. You definitely have to finish the battle scene.


superb design !

the shader is beautifull:buttrock:


He did say that some of his own ideas were used in the making of this…Let’s see you model and texture something like this-

Awesome work!!You are so talented!


A very nice piece of work!
I’m constantly amused that a lot of people reply to threads without first reading
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thumbs up…