Alien Warrior


Hey folks,

I just wanted to post my recent privat work here. I started to model that bugger a few days ago and would like to get some C&C from you, what keeps me going and mainly pushing my a** during the lazy hollidaiz :wink:

Ok, and even when it´s just boring, cause I kind-off continue my HMC#16 subject (as to be seen here ) I do it anyway.

Hey…the old lady needs company.

Done in XSI only! Because “I LOVE XSI!” :wink:

So here we go:

Thanks for watching.




good luck whit this one!I hope its going to be awesome as queen is.
Little critique about queen final…Its really awesome,but I missed that alien’s horror feeling,because fog+volumetric for final background isn’t the best you could do.
Ya I know that working on same project for a long time sometimes gets boring,but I would wait till inspiration comes back and finish it whit making background.I would imagine the final scene like alien is going from the ship at the end(like from aliens movie final battle),or standing her in corridor(when she was chasing Ripley)…
Anyways its really cool project u’re doing,I’ll make an alien one day by myself,when I’ll be skilled in organics as you’re now.

So good holidays and happy Christmas!



Hello my dear CGtalkers,

I know, it has been a looooooooooooooong time. But life and wife (LOL) takes it times and so many personal projects are allways a bit on hold. That´s how it goes. And everybody knows…

So, me was a bit bussy lately and I have proceeded working on my CG Alien warrior from Aliens.

Thank you Paulius for your kind words. Stay tuned about the Queen. She is in the docks for some rework. So beware, when she comes back :wink:

Without wasting any more words, please take a look and pleas, please be hard on me. I mean, I´m open to any kind of critics and comments, so I can do the best I can and even faster continue the next steps. That means the high details, structures and colors etc. in Zbrush.

All what you see is done 100% in XSI.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more to come!




And some more details:


Holy mother of god, locusta i only just watched AVP 2 the othre day, buddy great looking Alien, very detailed, GREAT WORK


Thanks alot Knight-Templar. Hey, wait until the highpoly version in Zbrush. Than the details realy will pop out :wink:

Thanks again and stay tuned.


I have tweaked the mouth and mandibles-tendons area, and I added the inner mouth-tongue.

As well as a few modifications to the overall mesh.

Enjoy and have a very nice week.


Long time no see. Sorry for that. But still bussy on that one and soon more to come :wink:


Another small update and rendertest. Enjoy and thanks for watching.




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