Alien Vs Predator: Pool, Andre McGrail (3D)


Title: Alien Vs Predator: Pool
Name: Andre McGrail
Country: New Zealand
Software: Modo, Photoshop, ZBrush

This is part of an ad campaign for Sky Digital New Zealand through DDB New Zealand.

Credits are as follows:
Predator - Benjamin Parry, Modelled in Modo, detailed and textured in ZBrush,
Alien - Myself, Modelled detailed and textured in Modo)
Compositing - David Partridge, using Modo and Photoshop
Retouching - Andy Salisbury using Photoshop,
Art Director - Gavin Siakimotu


i see it yesterday in your blog.lovely work.


amazing gob

good work

nice color

good luck


very cool and funny Keep it We are very good group :applause:


very good work 5 stars from me:applause:


hah awesome!
I think this would be award if you didn’t already have one with the chess game !


Really like this one as well!


:applause:5 stars!!!


Bravo! :beer:


amazing 5 stars for me:applause:


My friends and I were looking at this the other day when we saw your chess version. I personally like this one better. :slight_smile: Great job! :applause:


Amazing work!!
5* :applause:


It’s a cooperative work as wrote in the credits, Xidon posted the first one, and I agree I prefer this one too.

Only thing is the arm of the alien, that doesn’t really look as organic as it should be. Maybe the material which looks too metallic. But it’s only to say something, I really love this image :wink:


Great work !


Ha ha finally you posted it up. I agree with darukin if the chess one didn’t get up first this one would be award instead. Hey ill post a link here on the chess one. :beer:


Very nicely done guys :beer:


I like both. This one got great mood too. But the aliens body looks kind of too clean. Maybe im a big Alien movie fanboy, but I want some slime (or acid). :slight_smile:


…another great idea!


Wow! The quality is pretty similar from the other artwork of alien vs predator, looks like the same style from the same guy ! Anyway ! Flawless stuff!


good work :slight_smile: