ALIEN VS PREDATOR knockdown drag out fight scene!


I dont know whether to be depressed more at that horrible clip or at people actually liking it…


:shrug: HA! i cant actually believe they actually made this one.


Awesome, pretty good fight sequence.

I’m waiting for this Movie like yesterday.


“Terrible editing and lighting. It looked like a game commercial.”

"not convinced…to me it still looks like a tv movie "

Good grief yeah… When the Predator jumps up from the floor and poses, LOL!

The only redeeming cut was at the end, when he takes the Alien shoulder first into the pillar.
Everything else it’s like Pred. is a huge, slow football player in an ill fitting costume filmed at slow speed.


(Don’t get me wrong, I was so excited about this collab. in the beggining, but now, man…)


U guys seek the impossible, take the banana out of your tail pipe.


C’mon sheep. After Catwoman our expectation have been lowered… :smiley:


Ha, ha! Not really, just a decent translation to film of some of the existing comics already depicting the AVP thing… :wink:


This guy is the reason they make movies like Vanhelsing.


I’m going to have to say I didn’t like it. The pacing was bad. I don’t know if it was because of editing, or the camera angles, but it really seemed pretty cheesy. Of course this probably has a lot to do with the WMP streaming content, which stinks, IMO. Why don’t folks use Quicktime?


Very, very cool!! Definately going to see that movie when its out!!

Proves one thing - MPC rocks!! :buttrock:


The fight scene looked… eh. :hmm: Might catch this at a matinee if its raining or something. Still wondering how they’re going to work the humans into the storyline (and why they would want to!).


In response to DannyDreams:

This guy is the reason they make movies like Vanhelsing.

(No I’m the reason why they make movies like “Pirates of the Carrebeaon”)


It looks like a guy in an awkward suit hitting a puppet T_T

Predators are supposed to be sleeker than that, and aliens less slow.

Sorry, but that was a little lame


ok, the clip looked pretty cool, even though the mood of both movies is completely gone. which is bad. but seriously, there needs to be memos sent out to all movie companies telling them paul anderson, or ws anderson(whatever the hell his name is) should never be hired again. resident evil was a horrible movie, ruined it, it was no where near a good zombie movie. now hes ruining avp. whats this pg-13 bullsh#$. is he just not able to handle R movies or what? Worst director ever. and for people who think im just ranting without even seeing the movie, i think that fact that he made a pg13 movie with Aliens and Predators says enough.


Show me where AVP is rated PG-13



It reminds me of bad 80’s action movie fights. But then, these were both 80’s action movies…


Alien wasn’t.


oooh goodness, the predator is so bulky (shakes his head), just ugly. looks like the sized up dwarf version from lotr.

what was wrong with the previous predator design? looked 1000 better.


True enough, that was more of a horror flick, but Aliens was… and that’s the one most heavily drawn upon for this one IMO.

Anyhow, the point was that this trailer’s clumsy fighting choreography is a throwback to many action movies of that time.


if its pg 13 then i will cry.

aliens and predator are both on my top5 movies of all time list. despite trying really really hard to like this, i just know its gonna suck.