ALIEN VS PREDATOR knockdown drag out fight scene!


Check it out



That looks awesome, i can’t wait to see the rest of the movie. Thanks for sharing.


WOW! that looked really, really cool! I can’t wait to see this one!


Holy crap, that looked awesome. :applause:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! That was keeeewwwwwll!!:bounce:

I think that’s gonna be a kickass popcorn munching, Junior Mints melting flick. Can’t Wait.:thumbsup:



Damn nice. Can’t wait for it.


Its looking great! Poor little alien…:scream:


ok, that was cool. i’m going to see this movie now. i always thought the fight scenes would be close-ups and in the dark [so they didn’t have to show full body shots of the aliens].

should be a good sci-fi shoot-em-up.


I think I just wet myself…:eek:


not convinced…to me it still looks like a tv movie :banghead:


Damn that last shot is awesomet!! :eek:


@ mushroomgod vbmenu_register(“postmenu_1488493”, true); … A tv movie?? That’s a joke isn’t it?

My 5 stars!!! :eek:


…need to debug. i’m asking for a vBulletin Version 3.0.4!


I WANNA SEE IT! It won’t show! page does not load … ARRGGGHHHHH!


The alien seems really small in that last bit. I always thought they were pretty big.


Well for humans they are, but a predator if i remember well from the movie is probably 4 heads or more taller than a human. The mother alien, and the alien baby freak from the last alien movie were pretty large though.


Terrible editing and lighting. It looked like a game commercial.

I’ll still see it.



beh. Two of the most violent and dangerous creatures in the universe do battle, yet only PG-13 battles. What the hell is that crap!?!?! Why didn’t they just make it PG so kids can get collector cups at Burger King. An Alien and Predator movie, PG-13. If Ridley Scott was dead, he would be rolling in his grave.


That was pretty cool…I hope the Predator wins in the end…but I bet he doesn’t…I wonder if they will show girl Predator’s?



So you think the alien or predators are gonna win huh. Hmmmm I’m guessing they don’t, good ol’ hollywood needs to please their audience by doing nothing controversial and killing the human race off, whoever wins… we lose… bah !!!

Looking forward to this flick, might be the 2nd one I’ve seen this year after Nemo…