Alien Vs Predator - Face Off CLIP!


What do ya think??


That looked cool! but holy hell, how long is that aliens tail!:eek:


heh, a COMPLETLY mindless action movie
In the words of the prophets Beavis and But head:
we’re there dude.


hey that other guy is right, that aliens tail is way to long. none of the other alien movies i seen, have the tail that long. but still, good for that predator. its good to see the predator being matched up with a equal opponent. i like the green blood. i hope that this movie will be decent.


The more reason to watch!!!

Maybe it was a Queen? I doubt it cause it was so small. Maybe the alien called 1-800-4-Enzyte


If it’s the clip I’m thinking of, it looks like an NFL player fighting an alien, not a predator. Since when does a predator give someone the hip-and-shoulder? :surprised


That is awesome, can’t wait to see it. :buttrock:


Interesting preview :thumbsup:
But i think that the aliens tail is a little tooooo long ? :argh:


guys, not completely sure, but i think that was a queen…


that is a rather long tail. maybe the aliens evolved or something. :shrug:


Come on guys does the tail length really matter? Just enjoy it for what it is. I mean if you want to pick it apart, why are there aliens and predators anyways they’re not real. :slight_smile:


you guys should know…

its not the length that matters, its how you use it :wise:


i cant waiting mooore


They changed quite a few design features on both the Alein and Predator (OK-Not quite a few-but one or two things) to make both creatures even more menacing.

If I can remember, they added different types of shoulder cannons, and almost trippled the length of the preds wrist blades (clearly seen in that movie), lenghtened the Aliens tail, and its second mouth.

Also we must remember that the alien takes on the prpertys of its host. Maybe this aliens host had a REALLY big ass! :slight_smile:


And, once again, the editing is simply appalling :eek:

I think they might have written some sort of Javascript that cuts the film automatically, without a human getting involved.


Both characters are so good looking (don’t get me wrong hehe) so the long tail is a minor “problem”.

This movie I gotta see. For nostalgic reasons… :slight_smile:

Too bad one is so spoiled of all VFX nowadays. When the original movies was out in the cinemas they were a breakthrough in VFX. After movies such as Lord of the Ring and equals, nothing feels that new… In my opinion. What do you say guys?


Well, I have to admit that looked a little bit better than the previous WWF rumble thing they were doing.


I dont think thats a queen alien. In every alien movie sofar queens have head features alot different from drones. It seems they are “fixing” the creatures as they like to suit the action, hence the 10m tail in this clip. Maybe it all works out in the end tho, but it wont be anything more than an action movie.


No it’s not a queen. The queen is pretty obviuous.

Yes the tail is quite long isn’t it.

But then the creature design has been different in every alien film.

The aliens in this one are closer to original than anything else.

The creature in Alien has a very long tail too.


Oh for crying out loud! Why is it that I can play all movie trailers EXCEPT AvP?!? :banghead:

Guess I’ll just have to wait for the real thing at the pictures! :rolleyes:

BTW - the Alien is different in design for each movie. The first and third films had the best Aliens… :slight_smile:

PS - My word is Law! :stuck_out_tongue: