Alien Vs Predator: Chess, Benjamin Parry (3D)


Amazing Work!

~ George


Hey, they’re buddies! :smiley:

Awesome piece! :thumbsup:


Epic render.


Are you kidding me? This is just… fantastic! They look like pals:cool: That idea really deserves a front page indeed.

An other good work here at CGtalk. You guys should be proud of yourself because this is exactely what people expect, great modeling with fun concept. Staring at these 2 playing Chess is just awesome.
Quick question: The Pretador holds a glass filled with something in his left hand. Does it contains red wine or fresh cold blood?:beer: Come on guys, give the Alien something to drink or he will be jalous:)

Greatings to all of you:wavey:


Awwww, they finally made up. 5* for the idea and execution.


hi man! i loved!
fantastic light! congratulations!
5 stars for me *****


Brilliant idea!
stupendous execution!


Wow!! Exellent job man !!


lol… very well done, I like it alot:)


awesome, and funny :slight_smile: I love it! 5*****


Can’t be Such something.Congrast.Really great.Can you send wireframe?.Again congrast.see you…


brought a big smile to my face, love the other piece at the pool table aswell!


I love the idea - he he …it’s better than movie which i saw in cinema:)

I absolutely second that!


Big fan of both franshises, and I also own a Predator costume and I have to say that your work is really great!

I’ve noticed the face of the predator seems more ‘Wolf’ like from AVP:R, but his armour is more Predator 1 like. Really awesome work all round!


Brillant work ^^
Very funny idea and great 3d work. Congrats :beer:


Awesome job!!! :thumbsup: 5* from me :wink:


Loved it when I saw it earlier, congratulations to all involved!


Love it. Great idea, well executed.

I’m just a bit curious though about whats happening to the Predators right arm, just above the elbow.


Great work!

If you do a Production Focus article on this piece could you go over why you used Zbrush rather than staying with Modo all the way? Seems like Modo has marketed their product to be one stop shopping for modeling, micro poly detailing, and texturing. Just curious to see what your thoughts are on that.

A++ work!!


Looks great! Reminds me on the youtube vid where they play poker. Nice mood and colors.