Alien Vs Predator: Chess, Benjamin Parry (3D)


Title: Alien Vs Predator: Chess
Name: Benjamin Parry
Country: New Zealand
Software: Modo, Photoshop, ZBrush

This is part of an ad campaign for Sky Digital New Zealand through DDB New Zealand.
Credits are as follows:
Predator - Myself. Base model done in Modo, sculpted, detailed and textured in ZBrush.
Alien - Andre McGrail Modeled detailed and textured in Modo
Compositing - David Partridge, using Modo and Photoshop
Retouching - Andy Salisbury using Photoshop,
Art Director - Gavin Siakimotu

A CGSociety feature was done on this. It goes through the break down of how the image was created. Check it out here.


Holly Grandma! it’s so good! modeling and detailing are awesome.
I love the idea - he he …it’s better than movie which i saw in cinema:) he he he
I’m looking on this picture, and what i see? Two tougth fighters, which are playing for death and life:) he he …it’s deadly game:)
5 stars from me.


p.s i have a question about their free time - are they reading books after this deathmatch or they are using them to killing opponents?


Good idea I see but the angle of camera might be more interesting :arteest:


great work .5 stars from me:)


Very detailed composition!Nicely done :wink:


OMG this is awesome! hahaha 5 stars from me!


very cooooool image:cool: i like it a lot


And btw this piece has gained a lot of press lately.

Could you tell us a bit about its production?
And how about some wires?

Great work!


Amazing work :bowdown:


So nice ! And Im a great fan of aliens films . Great composition …great everythings ! 5 * I just want to know if the background its a photo or CG because its so wow!!


Hehe. Good “joke” ;). Congrats on the technical side.


funny =)))) +5


Cool work, the composition is very good. Congratulations


Really nice work, although there is one odd thing I’ve picked up on, it looks like black is moving first?


Awesome work guys, looks superb. Did you guys have to make a full rig for the poses? Where all the elements rendered out of Modo?


Wow, that is amazing.

Great use of ZBrush and Modo together.


Spectacular! Great work!


Awesome!! Although, i would change the highlights on the alien head a little bit.


COOL work man

Rgerads :slight_smile:


This is fantastic work, and a well used scenario for these two, thumbs up.