Alien Tako Sashimi, Serge Birault (2D)


Title: Alien Tako Sashimi
Name: Serge Birault
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

My second “big” picture of Maria “Fuchsia” Gibson ( I began this one a loooong time ago and it wasn’t easy. You can find some steps on my blog.
I think we will do a book with Maria. Hope I will able to draw faster next year (and have more free time ^^).

Maria said she’s a “space chick” that’s why I did this picture

Thx to all the people who gave me advices, opinions, comments during the process.

Special thx to Gary “Zombie Master” Newman for the idea of the brain ^^

Done with Photoshop.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


awesome serge! amazing!


captain AWESOMO strikes again!!! :):):slight_smile:

i’ve seen this on your blog long time ago, and was waiting for the finalization since then …
i must tell you it was worth to wait!

sexy, funny and masterfully executed!
love the big gun(s) on a girl, you guess which one(s) :wink:

keep it up Serge,


love everything about it, another battle won:D congratulations Serge!


That bullet hole cracks me!
It is so cool, as well as the brain through the jelly surface.
I also like the oriental video game style of the octopus.
Another great illustration!


I’m still amazed by your rendering, is incredible. I love the way you paint man


Great stuff, man. Everything has already been said. Thanks for posting your great stuff.


I have seen the steps this one in your blog.I was waiting for the final version here.I guess you have a winning combination with ’ MariaFuchsia '.Incredible work again Captain .Congrats


HEHE, always be the best Serge!! Cheers


very very nice my mate. the shading and rendering, as always, a treat to watch…:).


I love the lighting on the materials, and the design of the alien, and all. Great illustration Serge! :applause:


beautiful as all your work! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Thx a lot for your comments mates :slight_smile:


Another masterpiece, Serge! Good choice for the alien, but the really amazing is the girl, as usual in you work. Five stars, dude! :bowdown:


great work as alway!


killer work Serge, her face and the design are especially stellar! one time I come to France to get private lessons :smiley:
little nitpicking though: her shoes and the box on her lap feel a bit flat, darker shadows would fix this quick


I liek! It is aww and asom!

That squid thing scares me though. Something about cephalopod’s with Wallace & Gromit teeth…


Really original idea and ****ing well done as usual, Serge!!:bowdown:

I hope a new Award for this Master Piece!! :buttrock:


Truly awesome rendering! the face and the helmet really amaze me, I love the jelly alien so much, the idea of the brain is absolutely great, the tears on its eyes makes me laugh, poor cute thing! :slight_smile:
Congrats again Serge :beer:


Wow! my bro! great pin-up work! it’s awesome! cheers with you! :bounce: :applause: :thumbsup: